How to Boost the Value of Your Home with Garage Upgrades


When selling your home on the property market, you should resign yourself to spending a lot of time fretting over its value – and how to boost it.

CityHome Collective, a real estate brokerage out of Salt Lake City, advise that, before considering home renovations, it is far better to consider things like presentation and repairs first, as these can actually boost your home’s value quite a lot – if only because the lack of these things is sure to slash it. And for modern homes being sold anywhere, one of the most important things is indeed down to presentation – curb appeal.

You cannot have been navigating the property market for very long if you haven’t already heard this term. Curb appeal refers to the visual impression your home makes when viewed from outside. There are certain elements which always feature as part of curb appeal – the front door, the roof, the garden, the neighboring houses, and so on – and these elements can be considered even more important than any appeal that your home might have on the inside.

This isn’t only because these elements are large and prominent, but also because these elements make up the first impression any viewer will make of your home. First impressions are massively important, the bathroom with a built-in jacuzzi might have cost you more than the flakey front door that came with the property, but it is the door that is going to stop any potential buyer from even stepping inside of the property in the first place.

The Garage and Peripheral Curb Appeal

And there are other elements of curb appeal which, although not featured in every property, are undoubtedly important and still more important than the interior. A good example here is the garage. Not all properties have garages, and they are usually off to the side when a home is viewed from out front.

However, peripheral as they may be, garages can be a real deal breaker when selling a home, and unlike anything inside the home, they fair best when they appear functional.

The garage, as you probably know, is a very functional part of the home. You are not going to watch television or eat your dinner in there – you’re going to be parking your car, fixing the bike, storing your garden equipment, and so on. All of this is purely functional and not aesthetic, but with garages, that’s actually what counts.

So, for all our going on about the visual and aesthetic nature of curb appeal – and how it is all about impressions – the best garages for curb appeal are the highly functional ones.

How to Boost Garage Functionality

Here follows some top upgrades to increase your garage’s functionality – or to give the impression of that:

Add Custom Storage Solutions

Nobody is going to know how good your storage solutions are until they themselves are storing things within them. But with a comprehensive set of garage cabinets and wall-mounted systems, your garage will look like it can hold everything.

Good Lighting

Good lighting is essential for the kind of work that typically goes on in a garage. And it is also the best way to show off the garage’s contents to anybody viewing it.

A Dedicated Workspace

A garage isn’t a great place to work just by virtue of being a garage. Nevertheless, this is what they are known for and so emphasizing this fact to viewers by including what is clearly a comprehensive workspace is sure to win them over.

Garages are not part of the main home, but they matter more than many things that are.

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