How to choose the right mold and asbestos control inspector


When selecting a professional mold inspector, search for one that has these three main things in mind:

 • To discover main defects in the house.
• To present you the cause and results of such defects that will assist the homeowner create a clear understanding of what treatment is needed. Such defects may be  causing the expansion of mold and frequently go unidentified to the owner.
• The inspector should indicate where the main water and heating system shut offs are located in case of an urgent situation.

Take into account that qualifications of your potential mold inspector play a great role when choosing the one. Do not pick a mold inspector based just on a price. There are a lot of services for asbestos removal where you can price shop; however mold research and sampling should not be one of them. Proficiency should be the main concern. Search for the next training, skills and qualifications when selecting a mold inspector:

mold inspector

1. Home examinations, building construction or structure forensics

Your mold issue is not in a dish or cage. It is in your building and is the result of building malfunction. As a result, mold testing should be done by somebody who has knowledge of buildings, spray barriers, roofing, HVAC systems and other associated things.

2. HVAC knowledge

Your selected mold inspector should be familiar with HVAC systems. It is identified that 50% of mold issues are connected with HVAC system failures, leaks or even contamination.

3. Lab results analysis and mold training

Keep in your mind that your mold inspector should be appropriately trained and qualified in examining and sampling mold, and they should know the way to interpret the lab results correctly.

4. Knowledge about indoor air quality problems

The mold inspector should have good training in common indoor air quality problems for the reason that the thing that is typically distinguished originally as a mold problem may not be mold in any way. Take into account that odors or poor health may be the effect of bad ventilation, dust mite allergens or any other indoor air quality related problems. If such concerns are a real problem, you will need somebody who has some great knowledge of such issues. Additionally, your inspector should have specific training in mold inspections and asbestos removal in addition to training in other related issues.

5. Complete inspection report

Your potential mold inspector should give you a complete inspection report and recommendations on how to deal with the mold problem. However, take into account that a number of mold inspectors do not feel they need to present those results when they have charged you such a low price for each sample. That’s why be very attentive when choosing the best inspector.

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