How to Detect the Early Signs of Common Drain Blockage Patterns


A blocked drain is a serious issue and a problem worth acting immediately. However, many house owners or property owners are relentless regarding such issues and avoid getting into mending the problem. They think things will clear off on its own with time. Avoiding blocked drainage issue is never a solution. Rather the more delay you do in cleaning the blockage, the more problem you invite for the property and for the hygiene of the dwellers or users. Even the expense of the repairs and block cleaning may rise with the delay.

The Various Types of Clogged Drain Issues You May Have to Deal with are:

#1. Total blockage of water outlet in kitchen sink resulting in pooling of water in sink

#2. Total blockage of water in bathroom or toilet resulting in pooling of water on floor

#3. Partial blockage of water in kitchen sink or bathroom resulting in slow passage of water through the drain hole

#4. Foul smell coming from the drain hole with total block or partial block

Due to these problems, you will be in serious problems. Unhygienic conditions are one of the problems inviting pests and insects, germs through the wastewater, and foul smell. Besides, the stagnant pooled water will take its toll on the sink or toilet floor by slowly damaging the floor, sink, tiles, and metal rings or fittings in contact with the acidic foul water. Whether it’s a home or office, or a public property, you cannot allow this to happen.

If the problem is a one-time problem or happens seldom, then you should try some home remedies first if needed must call the drain cleaning service. Dealing with the blocked drain instantly by calling good drain cleaning service is the best solution. If the problem is recurrent, then there may be some engineering design defect with the blocked drain, which needs a repair for the permanent solution.

How to Detect the Problem with Early Signs

There are some early signs, which will help you detect a blocked drain or pipe. You may get alerted with these initial signs and arrange for a cleaning before it gets messy. Check for the signs below.

  • A gurgling sound, as the water passes through the drain pipe. This sound is emitted, as the water pushes out the accumulated air inside over the blockage.
  • Observe the level of water in the toilet. If the water level rises higher than normal or dips lower than normal, then this is a clear sign that there is a block somewhere not allowing the water to pass well.
  • If you get constant to occasional bad smells from the sewer, then again, it’s a clear indication that something is stuck inside and rotting.

If you notice any such sound or water logging or level difference, then you will be able to act instantly before you are a big problem. It’s important that you realize the early signs of the block.

Emergency Help from The Drain Cleaners

Keeping the contact of a nearby and reputed drain and sewer cleaning service, who can immediately relieve you of the problem with necessary equipment and manpower is important. When you are in a problem, you may not have the mental stability and patience to surf through the reputed names or get some good references. Hence, keeping the name and contact of a drain cleaning service handy for that emergency hour is a smart work.

If you plan to do the drain cleaning on your own, you may try the several popular techniques like the baking soda vinegar method with boiling water, or use caustic soda flakes, etc. However, never wait till it’s too late and germ loaded contaminating wastewater is flooding everywhere in your rooms.

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