How to Find the Best Equipment Hire Company


Winches and other construction equipment are commonly required by business owners and contractors for a variety of different purposes. These are essential pieces of equipment that are needed for completing certain jobs. Without such essential equipment, the speed of the work would be dramatically reduced. During the early stages of a business, especially those operating in the construction sector, it’s virtually impossible for them to be able to afford such expensive equipment. Heavy-duty winches cost a small fortune, and spending so much capital on simply renting fixed assets doesn’t make any sense for the company at all. Instead, a better option is to rent the equipment through a local equipment hire company.

However, with so many companies currently offering equipment rentals at different rates, how do you know which company you should work with? Here are a few tips on how to find the best company for all of your winch hire needs.

Make a Shortlist First

As a business owner, it’s always better to have contingency plans so you are able to switch to a backup in case your primary options don’t work out. Therefore, start off by making a shortlist first of all the local businesses in your area that offer rentals for different kinds of winches and rental equipment. It will give you a better idea about all the major companies around you that offer such equipment. This way, even if the winches are booked at one company, you can just order from the next one. Making a shortlist first is essential so you know about all the different providers in the region.

Compare the Rental Rates

Since this is heavy-duty equipment, you can’t expect to pay peanuts for the rental. Companies that offer winches on a rental basis obviously want to recoup their investment, so they charge a price proportion to the duration of the rental as well as the size and price of the machine. If you are renting a heavy winch that’s very expensive in the markets, it’s obviously going to cost you a lot more money. Keep in mind that you will also be required to pay a security deposit up front for the rental, which varies based on the cost of the machine. The security deposit is needed in case the equipment is damaged when being used. The rental company obviously wants to protect itself from any kind of further losses, so they take an upfront amount as consideration for the rental.


This is a debatable issue in most companies. You have to check whether the company will arrange for the transport and delivery of the winch to your place, or if you would have to do that by yourself. Some companies offer free delivery and transportation of the equipment within a specified radius, while others will simply hand over possession of the equipment and expect you to do everything by yourself. If you want to minimise your costs, it’s obviously better if you get free delivery.

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