How To Make Sofa Sets Work In Small Spaces? Find Out Here!


If you have a tiny living room space, choosing furniture, especially a sofa can be daunting. There will always be that worry in your mind that it won’t fit, or it will be too large for your small space. If this is your worry, let this simple guide help make your sofa set fit in. After you read this article, you will realize that finding a quality sectional sofa for your small space will not be that difficult after all.

Visually Lightweight Sofa

When choosing a sofa at, do not only consider the actual size of the furniture. You also have to pay attention to its visual weight. This means that the furniture should be light in color and have legs. They would appear lighter compared to the boxy-upholstered furniture. For a small living space, having leggy sofas will not obstruct the view of the passage or your floors. This would feel more spacious.

Use The Light To Your Advantage

You have to take advantage of the light source available for you. If you have large windows, that would be much better because you can use the natural light from the outside. Then make sure that you use pale colors or shades of white to increase the brightness of your room as it will reflect the light from the outside. When you have window treatments, keep them simple to avoid blocking the window.

Neutral Colors Can Make A Difference

Interior designers suggest that it is best to use a neutral palette all throughout your tiny living room. Doing so can push back the walls and give your eyes a spacious feel. This way, space will feel more expansive.

Put More Emphasis On The Vertical

If you look at your living room, you will notice that it is more than just the horizontal dimensions. Make use of the vertical lines by inviting your eyes to move both above and below your eye level. A good example is using floor-to-ceiling drapes with vertical line design.

Small Space Needs Small Furniture

When choosing your furniture, your small space will not need those large sofas. Choose furniture that is appropriate to the size of the room as well as the people who will be using it. You can checkout online for plenty of options when it comes to small-scale furniture. Make sure that you know your measurements before you decide.

A Seating By The Window

Another great idea to make your space look so much bigger than what it really measures is to add seating by the window.  You can turn your window area into a small living area by adding a window seat. When choosing this furniture, pick the one that is slender and leggy because this will take less visual space.

When decorating your home and adding furniture, you have to remember that your eyes are fooled into thinking that you have a larger space if you know the type of furniture and decor that you add to the room. So make sure that you review the tips above once you are ready to redecorate your home.

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