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Do you want to have a unique and ecological decoration in your home? Reusing everyday objects is the order of the day because, as well as being a very sustainable practice for the environment, it makes the interior of your home unique and adapted to your tastes. Instead of choosing to buy a vase for flowers, why not do it yourself using a bottle of wine that is already empty? In this article, we are going to discover how to paint glass bottles and turn them into beautiful decorative objects for the stays of your home.

Steps to follow:

1   Depending on the space in which you want to place these decorative objects, the type of painting that you will have to use should be one or the other. So, it is important that you know that:

The latex paints are flexible so that they become the best option to place outside your home because it can withstand temperature changes without actually breaking and worsen their appearance.

Oil- based paints should be used only on the bottles that you are going to place inside your house because they cannot withstand temperature changes since the plastic of the paint could expand with heat.

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2   Before starting to discover the different ways that exist to paint a glass bottle you should know that the first thing you have to do is clean the bottle so that it is free of traces of dirt and grease. Therefore, we recommend that you rinse both the inside and the outside of the bottle and give it soap so that it is perfect for painting.

We also recommend that you use latex gloves when decorating the bottle so that your hands do not get dirty, as well as wearing old clothes as it could stain. Once you are ready, you have to wait until the bottle, after having washed it, is completely dry so that the paint will stall.

3   We started with the first technique to paint glass bottles. This consists of throwing the paint inside the container so that the result is more homogeneous and so, if you want, you can play with two very different planes (you can create a background of a color and then write something on the outside or draw a symbol on the outside getting a design with more depth).

To do so, you only need a syringe. Fill it with the paint color you have chosen and insert it inside the bottle. To spread and distribute well on all sides you will have to rotate the bottle and let all the walls are completely covered. Once you see that it is ready, you will have to put the bottle in the oven with a temperature of 150 degrees and leave it for 40 minutes.

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4   But, if you prefer, you can also decorate a glass bottle by painting it on the outside. For this we will need to choose the desired color (we recommend that it be a bright color so that it can cover the glass and that the result is as expected) and with the help of a brush we will have to paint the exterior. So that the paint does not jump, it is recommended that you introduce the bottle in the oven at 150 degrees and for about 40 minutes.

If you prefer, you can also qualify your creation by passing a layer of varnish when the paint has dried; in this way you will make the appearance look brighter and look almost new.

5   Now we are going to propose a very original way of painting glass bottles. It is a trick very easy to do and whose result is very striking and groundbreaking. It’s about combining the paint with the adhesive tape to get a unique design that will seem like your bottle has left a decoration shop.

We start by putting adhesive tape on the bottle leaving a distance between each piece. As we show you in the image, you can play with the distance so that the design is unequal or, if you prefer, you can make the distance the same and you will make it more homogeneous. Once you have the bottle covered with ribbons, you only have to paint the outside with the help of a brush and with the color you have decided.

When it is painted, you will have to let the paint dry completely (more or less you should let it dry for 1 hour) and, after this time, you just have to extract the pieces of tape with care so that the paint does not skip. The result, as you see, is very original.

6   Another good way to decorate a glass bottle is to paint it with the help of a spray. The result is more homogeneous, you avoid the appearance of the dreaded drops of paint that can spoil the result, and you get a more uniform texture.

To follow this technique you will only have to spray yourself, shake it and keep a prudent distance when painting so that it does not get in your eyes. It is also recommended that you cover your nose and mouth with a mask and cover the surface where you are painting with newspaper or plastic papers.

7   And finally, if you are looking for a more minimalist design in which you only want to decorate the bottle with something like moles or concrete drawings, you can use nail polish. With the enamel brush you can specify the design you want on the bottle and achieve a perfect finish in a few minutes. It is one of the simplest ways to get a personal object decorated in your own way.

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Article Source: Tape Daily

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