How to Properly Maximise a Professional Removals Company for Your Impending Move


If you’ve ever had to pack, load, transport, unload, and unpack for a day or two, you understand how frustrating – and tiring – moving from one house to another can be. It’s an exciting adventure, to be sure, but even when there is professional assistance, things have to be well planned to ensure a smooth removal. Luckily, there are many things you can do to ensure that the days of installing yourself in your new home are done in a straightforward way. Ever wondered how you can make sure of the smooth sailing of your removal days? Here’s how to properly maximise a professional removals company for your impending move.

Start your packing well in advance

Packing takes a long time – it almost invariably will end up taking longer than you initially expect. This is because as you pack, you end up sorting those items that you will keep and throw away. It’s also easy to get lost in nostalgia when you sort through old photos. Maybe that wardrobe will be much harder to disassemble than originally anticipated. And trust the experts: you own more than you think. So start your packing well in advance.

Hiring removal services – things to consider

Hiring a professional removal service such as removal companies Cheltenham Advanced Removals & Storage is always a good idea, simply because they have much experience and understand the nuances that come with the job. To make sure you are dealing with the right company, remember the following:

  • Hire the company at least two weeks in advance
  • Make sure the company is a member of the British Association of Removers
  • Choose only after you have received quotes of at least three possible companies
  • Make sure you provide them with a detailed list of items

Preparing the company – a list

The company will be most grateful if, before the removal, you provide them with the following information:

  • A list of big furniture to move
  • A rough guess of the amount of boxes to move
  • Clear instructions to and from the old to the new property

There is another important thing to consider during the process; something that many don’t prepare for because it does require a higher level of organization: the order with which to load and unload. When storing everything in your van or lorry to transport to the new location, the fitting of the furniture and boxes is often done with the practical consideration of the puzzler in mind – stacking as much as possible, as securely as possible, to avoid multiple trips. However, you can often save a lot of time loading and unloading when you load last those items that have to be installed in the new home first. It’s a matter of thinking ahead and making installation easier.

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