How to select the best pest control service


We will give you a general idea that will guide you in case you have decided to hire a pest control company.

The company must provide the applicant, once the corresponding building inspections and its surroundings, the following data:

1. Data of the Company performing the Pest Control Service:

  • Business name or business name.
  • Direction.
  • Phone
  • Registration number in the Autonomous Community that corresponds to establishment and pesticide services.

2. Situation Diagnosis or Problem Identification:

  • Detected Organism: what type of pest is affecting the home or the environment?
  • Area to be controlled (planes and places of bait placement, if applicable.)
  • Control methods to be used: physical or chemical.

3.-Environmental Corrective Measures:

  • Recommendation for the correction of hygienic (order and cleaning) and maintenance deficiencies (holes, cracks in the roof or floor walls, unsealed pipe-passers, etc.) detected in the building or in the environment.

4. – Recommended Treatment:

  • In the event that biocides have to be applied, data about them must be provided in which they are required with a minimum character: the commercial name of the product, sanitary registration number, composition, dosage, method of use, commercial presentation, technical of application, side effects, measures in case of intoxication and safety period.
  • Reflect the safety measures to be adopted and that must be respected before, during and after treatment.
  • Date and time planned for the application of the treatment.

5. – Data that allows the identification of those responsible for the treatment:

  • Responsible for the diagnosis of the situation and the action plan.
  • Ensure that acting personnel are accredited as a pesticide applicator according to current regulations.
  • Signature of the person responsible for the treatment.

6. – BUDGET:

  • The cost that will involve the entire process of control of this pest.

Once the applicant agrees with the conditions of said company, it must provide the applicant with an ACTION PLAN in which at least the following data will be reflected:

  1. ROESB: company registration number in the official register of pesticide companies and services in the Autonomous Community of Madrid.
  2. Situation Diagnosis:
  • Identification of the pest that is affecting such housing: inspection and sample collection.
  • Origin and causes of this pest: hygiene, poor maintenance of the building, environment, etc.
  • Environmental corrective measures.
  • Determination of the most appropriate control medium.
  1. Information on the security measures prior to the treatment:
  • Inform about the type of vector/pest, location, etc.
  • Inform about environmental corrective measures.
  • If necessary, type of recommended biocide treatment including a schedule of actions.
  • Safety regulations in accordance with the planned treatment.
  • Preparation of the premises (isolation, placement of caution posters, preparation of plans to be treated, etc.).
  • Term of security (time during which it is not possible to remain inside the house, usually periods of 12-24 hours according to product).
  1. Performance of the service:

Before treatment, the acting technician must:

  • Review the building and verify that the specific security measures planned for the treatment to be applied have been adopted.
  • Ensure the absence of people, animals, and food.

After the treatment:

  • Signal the treated area
  • Deliver the certificate of the service provided to the contractor.


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