How to Unclog Drains and Stop Smells?

Bad odours entering your home make it more uncomfortable and awkward. It’s something you will want to get rid of immediately in case you find a sewer-like odour come out of your drains. At times, the repair is easy; however, at other times, it will need the services of a professional plumber to fix the problem. You can also follow some precautions to avoid blocked drains in your residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Mentioned below are the different scenarios where you’ll require unclogging the drain and how to handle it yourself and instances where you’ll find bad odours coming out of your drains and how you can prevent it.

[A] Kitchen Sink

Undoubtedly, drain odours will make your kitchen a nasty place where you need to spend time on your daily chores.

Quick remedy: Take a cup of white vinegar and pour it down the drain. Allow it to stay there for 30 minutes then rinse with hot water.

[B] Bathroom Sink

Is your bathroom sink draining slowly and testing your calmness?

Quick remedy: For a slow-moving drain, the handy plunger is indeed the best tool. To facilitate with a good seal around the plunger, fill the sink with a few inches of water. Then after, get a wet rag and use it to fill the flooded sink opening. To obtain a good seal, try to entirely fill the opening. No air should be reaching the drain when you fully block the opening, which significantly enhances the plunger’s effectiveness. Plunge away to finish!

[C] Jam-Packed Shower Drain

The remains of hair and other body products and soap foam have jam-packed your shower drain to capacity.

Quick remedy: Suppose, hot water, chemical drain cleaners or simple plunging haven’t worked, you may require a more strong aid. Get hold of that garden hose and run it through a nearby window and lock it in the opening of the drain. It is a good alternative to fully dry up the shower floor and duct tape the hose firmly in its place. After you’re completely sure that the hose has been sealed in the drain, turn on the spigot in full force and it will burst the block free.

[D] Unclogging a Blocked Toilet

No one likes to unclog a toilet!

Quick remedy: The best way is generally a mechanical one like a snake or the old-time plunger to unclog most of the blocked toilets.

Kindly Note:

  1. Suppose, you put bleach into the toilet for any reason, never mix it with any other cleaner or chemical clog remover. The mixture could produce lethal chlorine gas.
  2. Refrain from pouring boiling water down a toilet. Though it seems like this might break up a block, the water in your toilet is cold (in winter, it may get extremely cold) and the temperature difference can inflict harm to your toilet or pipes.

[E] Your Drain Won’t Clear Out

The plunger you have isn’t sturdy enough to clear out the drain, so your drain won’t get cleared.

Quick remedy: To help clear a block you can use a wet or dry shop vacuum in an emergency. Place the vacuum hose mouth above the drain’s opening and seal all over it with a wet cloth; also block other overflow holes, if any. Now, turn the vacuum on and off swiftly until the block gets clear.

[F] Garbage Disposal

The odours coming out of your garbage disposal are more apt for a gutter than a kitchen sink.

Quick remedy: Disposals can store food bacteria within their blades, causing great inconveniences. Take a cup of white vinegar and clean the unit with it then use very hot water to flush it out.

When You Need To Call the Experts

You can perhaps fix the simple plumbing issues yourself but for major plumbing problems such as sewer line breaks and blocked vents as well as for other plumbing issues that you could not fix, you need to call a local emergency plumber in Sydney who is experienced, fully certified and insured.

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