Important Tips On Waterproofing Homes And Commercial Spaces


Be it a home or a commercial space, waterproofing is one of the most critical aspects of any property maintenance. Water damage can happen in so many ways – it could be the plumbing gone bad or weak or even because of the external conditions like too much rain or a sudden storm. In both these cases, the damage to your property can be quite extensive and requires management. So here are some important aspects to consider.

Get Your Home’s Pipes Fixed

One of the most crucial aspects of any home or commercial space would be ensuring that you are maintaining your pipes and the plumbing. Most water-based problems start because of plumbing issues, which is also one of the safest waterproofing methods. In this reference, here are some things you should implement:

  • The first thing is to make sure that your home’s plumbing line is reviewed and checked by a professional plumber on a regular basis. The reason for this includes the fact that a majority of water issues start due to poor pipe maintenance.
  • Clogging and the blockage of pipes is the other reason that leads to leakage and seepage. So make sure that you don’t clog your pipes too much.
  • Along with this, rusty pipes or very older pipes require change or fixing. This waterproofing method ensures that long-term damage can be prevented.
  • The pipes are the root cause of water damage in most commercial places and also in homes. Some pipes that are inside the walls are often the source of dampness, which then spreads to other parts of the area too, wrecking the place.

Go For Quality Brickwork

Beyond this, make sure that the brickwork used in the property is of good quality and especially thicker or taller along the areas that are more prone to water damage. For example, if you live near the lake, then the brickwork around the house should be good enough to prevent water from seeping in and ruining your property. The same applies to commercial basement spaces where water damage chances are much higher. So the waterproofing through brickwork should be done aptly to prevent the risks of this happening and destroying your building.

Use Quality Paint

Waterproof paint is also available in the market and it minimizes the damage caused because of water, especially dampness. So be it for the outside of your property or even the inside, do use quality and waterproof pain to keep this risk at bay.

Proper Drainage

A lot of people do not consider this aspect but the drainage is also an essential aspect of waterproofing. You should try to make sure that the bathroom has a slope that allows water to seep through easily, as does the roof. In case you are based in the basement or have an office there, make sure that the drainage system is smooth and functioning or else it could lead to water issues.

One of the other important aspects here is that preventive waterproofing always works better than maintenance. So before buying or renting a property, do check that you have it inspected by a professional plumber or expert. Doing so will reduce the risks of hassles later on. Also, you should layout the foundation of the home or commercial space keeping the waterproofing in mind. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of money later on in trying to fix these trivial issues. Although minor, water damage is a costly affair that can not only wreck your furniture and floors but also hamper the foundation of the building and be a potential threat in this regard.

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