Improve Your Backyard with an Outdoor Fire-Pit


Most Australian home-owners agree that a home is much more than just a place to live. For most Australians, their homes are a replication of themselves, their families and their histories, filled with promise and memories for the future.

Investing in some home improvement can be one of the greatest investments of energy, time and money that you can make. A decent home improvement job can prolong the life of your home, multiply its value and heighten its appearance, as well as keeping your family, you and your possessions secure and contented.
Also undertaking a home improvement project can also be one of the biggest headaches if not correctly done – it pays to do a lot of research. If you think you do not have the experience and know-how for DIY, then employ a professional to do the work for you.


Ok, the project will cost a bit more money, but it will save you a good deal of trouble and possibly safeguard you from future expensive repairs. As you know home improvements take many forms: on the roof, in different rooms and in the backyard.

When I was in America for some time I lived in a little town called Lilly Dale, in New York State. While there I noticed one of many things thing that the rural American had in common: and that was an outdoor fire-pit in their backyard.

Most of the neighbours I talked to said that they had built a fire-pit in their backyard too increase the value of their property.

Having a built in outdoor fire-pit in your backyard not only will increases the value of your property, but also increases the amount of time you can enjoy in your backyard in the winter time.
Most of the residence in Lilly Dale would have regular outdoor parties, where family and friends would sit round the fire-pit and tell stories, or exchange some interesting piece of news. There are a lot of choices when it comes to the shape, style and size, of an outdoor fire-pit. You can have a built-in outdoor fire-pit put in, or you can buy a portable outdoor fire-pit that can be relocated anywhere in your backyard.

If deciding on a built-in fire-pit in your backyard you will be able to pick from a variation of outdoor finishing materials as well as stone, concrete, and brick. Also, a built in outdoor fire-pit can be any shape you want: for example, it can be square, triangular L-shaped and of course the usual round shape.

Also, if you do not want to spend too much money on you back yard by having a fire-pit built in. But still would like to have an outdoor fire-pit, to enhance your backyard and to create atmosphere and ambience for when you have outdoor family gatherings, then you can always buy a nice sized movable outdoor fire-pit that burns natural gas. (Which is clean burning, but you will need to have a gas pipe/ line running from your home to the fire-pit).

Or you could buy a propane burning fire-pit (which is also clean burning. The only thing with a propane one is that you always need to regularly fill up the propane tank).

And of course the common wood burning fire-pit (if you like the smell of wood burning and do not mind flying embers and smoke, then this is the one for you).

Also new on the market are ethanol burning fire-pits (ethanol is a very clean burning fuel, but expensive).Good Luck!

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