Insignia Steam Showers: Enjoy a relaxing and refreshing bath


When it comes to steam showers Insignia is considered as the Europe’s leading company. Insignia aims to provide you the best steam showering experience through frequently upgrading products and working closely with consumers. Keeping in mind everyone’s necessity, Insignia packits products with the latest innovative features.

If you want a refreshing shower in the morning and a relaxing bath in the evening the Insignia steam shower can accommodate your desire. A steam bath is a type of bathing where the steam is generated and produces water vapor that are dispersed around the entirety of the human body. This steam bath was originally started by Roman People. These roman baths were used by everyone in Rome, regardless of their socio economic status. The baths were supplied by underground water or natural hot springs.

Insignia steam Shower Installation guide:

  • Ensure to remove bath tub before installing steam shower.
  • Ensure that the walls are coated in a mold resistance material.
  • Maintain a proper ventilation source.
  • Electrical services should be safe.
  • Use proper and sufficient electrical supply
  • Follow the assembly instructions
  • Steam shower requires both hot and cold water supply.
  • Do not forget to connect the drain.
  • Provide a safe and a stable level.
  • Every construction material used must be mold resistance.

Features of Insignia Steam Showers:

Modern steam shower cabins are equipped with many interesting additional features like music, foot massagers, television, ceiling rain showers, CD player and aromatherapy. Do not allow water vapors to spread in the whole room and thus protects your wall paints and wallpapers.Available in variety of designs!Maintains hygiene as the dirt gets washed off

Preferable for:

Insignia Steam Showers are preferable for people who generally prefer steam rooms and do not endure dry heat. It is highly preferable for people who are suffering from chest congestion, asthma and sinus irritation or other breathing problems.

Risks Involved:

If there is excess heat it may cause dizziness, rapid increase in heart beat, vertigo, and excessive thirst. Humidity is very high it is almost 100%.

Insignia steam showers functionality:

They combine different functions like therapeutic salons, massage and Turkish bath. Some cabins also feature chromo therapy which is represented by way of a special illumination source positioned in the cabin. This illumination source lights up periodically with different colors. Water heaters are installed to maintain the water temperature.

Health benefits of Insignia steam showers:

The steam shower has physical, mental and skin health benefits. It helps to clear the respiratory troubles like coughs, colds, allergies, bronchitis and asthma. It has been observed that this shower has shown positive effects on lungs, liver and circulation problems. It helps in relieving symptoms of muscular tensions, joint pains, stiff joints, arthritis and muscular pain.

It is also very healthful when it comes to your state of mind. It loosens the stress level and you will feel relaxed and recharged when you come out.

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