Installing a Side-Hinged Steel Garage Door: What You Need to Know


Garage doors that feature side hinges are the most frequently searched types of garage doors on the Internet. In addition, the demand for the doors in the UK has increased notably over the past several years.

Pedestrian Access and Use

That is because garages are being used less for vehicles and being repurposed as offices, workshops, gyms, or studios. In some instances, they are being used for storing other items such as garden tools or furnishings. Therefore, a side-hinged garage door is often fitted for pedestrian access and use.

The Advantages of Side-Hinged Doors

Today, steel side-hinged garage doors offer easy operation and access. If they are specified properly, they also provide excellent weather sealing. Minimal maintenance is needed as the doors do not feature complicated mechanisms nor any internal tracking which can be disruptive if you are trying to make the most of your internal space. The lever handles on side-hinged Stoke-on-Trent garage doors offer effortless and smooth operation as well.

Why Steel Doors Are Better

Traditionally, swing-type garage doors were made of timber. However, today’s steel doors offer a sturdier alternative if you wish to avoid problems with rotting or infestation. You also have to consider the British climate. For instance, some woods have a high rate of failure as they can crack after a short time. Certain woods are not stable, given the variances of air moisture in the UK.

Steel Garage Doors That Will Last

If you want a side-hinged steel door at a lower price, then look at the doors with single skins that are extremely practical and robust and feature classic colours and designs. Double-skinned insulated doors also provide incredible security and strength. These kinds of doors highlight high-level components as they are fitted with heavier panels, thereby making the hinges super sturdy and locking mechanisms first-rate.

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