Is it worth renting a company for EWI repair and maintenance


EWI repair and maintenance is not difficult, but the key to success is definitely systematic. This regular observation of the facade will help the building owner determine if intervention is necessary. Due to the high heights or the usual lack of skills, not everyone is able to properly insulate external walls when necessary. Although removing scratches from the surface of your home is relatively easy, it’s always worth contacting a company that not only has more knowledge about insulation, but is probably also more experienced.

What is EWI repair and maintenance?

Performing insulation of external walls is not a problematic task for professionals who, without a doubt, can also take care of it properly. How the insulation will be installed depends on the insulation material chosen by the owner. The best company can handle both polystyrene, mineral wool, and insulation panels, which are becoming increasingly popular. For the insulation of external walls to remain in excellent condition for a long time, maintenance is necessary. It involves getting rid of dirt, moisture and any scratches that may appear on the surface. Even the smallest defect can lead to moisture in the warming, which will negatively affect its operation. So if we want the insulation of external walls to remain effective for a long time, we should carefully observe it and immediately react to any scratches or cracks that appear.

How to repair the insulation of external walls?

Even the most neatly made and well-groomed facade can be damaged after some time. Depending on how serious the failure is, we have to deal in different ways. Sometimes it turns out that the defective installation is responsible for the disadvantages. If the insulation of external walls is leaking, remove the top layer and fill in the insulation gaps. This should be done using material that was used to insulate the entire building. After performing such an operation, we must re- insulate the outer walls.for this High-performance render are best suited, the wide selection of which will allow you to match the variant perfectly matching the rest of the building. Sometimes it is enough to use low-pressure foam, which with the help of silicone paint will perfectly cope with small defects. Slightly deeper scratches must be taken much more seriously. It is necessary to cut out the damaged part of the insulation, and to remove the plaster and sand the surrounding surfaces. Once again it is necessary to supplement the material and secure the entire structure. EWI repair and maintenance is a job that requires a lot of patience and incredible precision, so it’s best to hire an experienced company to do it.

How to choose the best company for installing external wall insulation?

A reliable company that will be able to carry out repair and maintenance of EWI at a high level, should be distinguished primarily by experienced staff who have great knowledge about insulation. By entrusting our home to professionals, we want everything to be done exactly and according to the rules, which we often do not even realize. The best company will be able to inform the customer about any legal regulations that interfere with the insulation of external walls assembly, EWI repair and maintenance are tasks that should definitely be outsourced to professionals. Reputable companies will not only take care of the task ordered by the customer, but also will make an individual valuation of services. If we want the building to look great regardless of its age, it is worth hiring the best specialists who will insulate the structure and improve its appearance with the help of high-performance plasters.

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