Keeping Up the Electrical Maintenance at Home


For most of the time, the electrics in our home make modern living very comfortable and convenient. But to keep this up we also need to ensure all our home electrics are kept well-maintained. You should always contact your local electrician to perform electricity maintenance jobs, as the level of danger involved presents a fatal risk.

Maintenance Checklist

Here are just some of the things that need maintaining around your home, when it comes to the electricity:

  • Lighting – Ensure that each light fixture incorporates a bulb with the proper wattage. This will prolong the life of both fixtures and bulbs, but more importantly well prevent electrical fire.
  • GFCIs – GFCI outlets need to be regularly tested. Replace them immediately if they are malfunctioning to reduce electrocution risk in moisture-prone areas of your home, especially any sockets in the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Smoke Detectors – These can save your life, so must not be left by the wayside. They must be tested monthly for reliability and replace the batteries annually. Smoke detectors also need to be replaced every 10 years to ensure the sensors are still reliable.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors – These detectors should also be tested monthly and have batteries replaced at least annually. Older models offer a limited life span of 2 years, and newer models require a replacement every 5-6 years.
  • Outdoor Electrical – Being exposed to the elements present some dangers. Always check outdoor power outlets, sockets, plugs, cords, and extensions for and damage. Always replace frayed wires and incomplete cables.
  • Surge Protection – Your house surge protector should be regularly inspected to ensure it is properly functioning. Check for any damage or signs of overloading so that sensitive and expensive electronics remain protected.
  • Electrical Panel Maintenance – If you haven’t replaced your electrical panels yet, this may abe a job that needs doing. Older electrical panels present safety issues because they are not as reliable as today’s panels. Common problems include improper wiring or inadequate breakers.
  • Wiring and Rewiring Issues – Wiring around the home can become unsafe for any number of reasons, such as outdated knob and tube or aluminium wiring, exposed wiring, ungrounded outlets, and lack of compliance with current electrical code requirements.

Contacting Your Local Electrician

All of the above maintenance jobs can be done by your local electrician. First, call them up and ask them to come and visit your property to perform an inspection. Once that is done your Osbourne Park electrician will present you with a list of any work that needs to be carried out. They will also offer a 10% discount on any post-inspection work that needs to be carried out, which certainly rivals other electricians based in Perth.

Safety First

The first step to your safety at home is ensuring all your electrical components are regularly maintained. You can call your local electrician today to come round and give your home an electrical inspection. Then you can ask them for any discounts they can provide on subsequent work. In any case, keeping your electrics maintained is a necessity and it is always most sensible to contact a registered electrician.

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