Larch Wood for Your House


The premium grade of larch wood that Larchdeck provides belongs to the highest quality of wood material with a waterproof capacity, durability, and aesthetic look. As a distributor of the wood, the company enjoys the customers’ deep interest in the material to be integrated either in flooring, or siding, or decking. Larchdeck advises of options related to UV protection or other handling tips. The company has also collected a bunch of useful ideas how to design by using larch wood for your house or a workplace at home, and one of them refers to the place decoration for an aesthetic environment for work, for ex., easy to clean and maintain. Adding the wood material to any aspect and feature of the house, the value of the latter may be transformed into an asset of quality and high standards. The rarity of the material contributes further to the credit of the choice to get it incorporated in the overall vision and comfort of the house. Larchdeck provides cut material specifically to suit the customers’ most demanding needs. The long-lasting effects of wood maintenance may be duly approached by the company, too, so that generations may take advantage of possessing a property of solid finishing touches and exquisite taste.

Siberian Larch wood
As one of the few suppliers of the Siberian Larch, the company proves to be a reliable partner. All fifty states in the U.S. enjoy the punctual and correct distribution of the company. No brokers or traders are available between the company and the end-user, and the partnership with the Russian facilities enjoys direct links, too.
To prevent any deficit of the wood in nature, as well as harm to the natural equilibrium, the larch material is obtained from managed areas in Western Russia. The shipping comes from the company’s mills in Siberia, and has covered different sites on a global scale for twenty years.

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