Leaking Taps and Toilets – The Common Disturbance of Every Household


Dealing with a leaking toilets and taps can be very disturbing. Leaking taps can waste litres of water every day. So, in the ethical sense you must fix your tap as soon as possible. Small leaking taps will give you damaged floors, pipes may also erode. In this way, they can be a threat to your property.

Taps with Washers

Most taps come with washers. Washers are fitted with rubber valves which end with an opening called a seat. When we turn the tap anti-clockwise, the water pressure lifts the valve off the seat and the water is allowed to run in full force. Constant dripping of water can be a signal that your washer is damaged. Or it may be the case that your seat has worn out. Replace your old washer with a new one. Or replace the O rings and re-grease them if possible. Once these things have been taken care of, your taps will be easier to operate and won’t leak anymore.

Quarter Turns

These taps get shut off by the ceramic discs. They are flat and polished discs to halt the water which is coming through. Unlike washer taps, these require little maintenance. Removing the ceramic discs and replacing with the new ones is an easy task to perform.

Mixer Taps

These are the taps where hot and cold water is mixed before out. The work is done via a small cartridge that adjusts to the left tap as hot, the right being cold. Mixer taps are good to have but like the previous ones, they too get leakages. This more often implies that the cartridge needs replacement. But the best advice is to replace the tap itself.

Loose fittings

Sometimes leakages are caused by loose fittings. This occurs when the joints have become damaged. The pipes can be fixed and the fittings come in copper, Pex pipes (plastic ones), gal and blue line.

Leaking toilets

Toilets can leak in any manner that can be very difficult to find out. Like any other mechanical object, they too need high maintenance. Sometimes we find a lot of water around our toilet. This happens due to a number of reasons.

First of all, it could be the tap connecting water to your loo that is faulty. This could be due to wear and tear that needs replacement. Another major fault can be with the cistern. The cistern is the tank that stores water for us. While flushing it often gets cracks. It needs to be replaced entirely. The other times the flush pipe between the loo and the cistern could be at fault. The pipe needs to be sealed effectively if that be the case. At times the base of the pan gets cracks due to incorrect installing. The valves of the toilet could be malfunctioning at times.


No matter what, everything can be corrected and replaced in a right manner for leaking toilets and taps. You just need to assess what needs to be repaired. And you will be provided options as per your requirements.

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