Lighting up an Elegant Bathroom


The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house. Whether you have a half bath or just a water closet, the whole point of a bathroom and toilet is to provide privacy. This is usually achieved with the help of some claustrophobic effects. There are some bathrooms which are ridiculously small, you are practically out the door when it opens.

However, with a few neat tricks, you can make it an elegant place you would not want your guests to skip. Countless times, guests will recount how they visited a house and were in awe of the bathroom, or the kitchen for that matter. Although the kitchen is a place where guests seldom wander into, the bathroom is definitely a place where guests sometimes have no choice but to visit.

The easiest way to get the attention with your bathroom is to have a large mirror. This can be in front of the sink, or a whole wall, or even at the back of the water closet. If you want drama, you can have a shower stall with glass walls. That would take the cake. One reason you should consider this is because having a mirror creates the illusion that the room is larger. For another, people usually visit the toilet to wash up and take a look at themselves to see if they are presentable.

The second thing you should consider is to have bathroom spotlights. LED spotlights are inexpensive features and they have a long lifespan. You should think about these small lights to brighten up your bathroom. You can have them over the sink, or just above but a little to the front of the toilet bowl. Alternatively, they can be at the back and lighting the water receptacle.

One of the easiest decisions to make is to have bathroom spotlights above the bath tub. Having bathroom spotlights above the tub is a great way to emphasise the design or uniqueness of the bath. When taking a bath it also provides enough light without being too bright. You can optionally have a dimmer for the bathroom light. There is no need to use rails for the lights. This is not the kitchen, and besides, there would be almost no reason to move items around in the bathroom or toilet. There are only a few places which you need lighting, and these are not mobile anyway.

The large vanity mirror is one place where guests usually spend some time. This is where lighting is most needed. Put up an accent light on top of the vanity, and if possible have lights around the mirror. This will enhance the image in the mirror, at the same time brighten up the face evenly. This allows the user to better judge if there is a smudge on his or her face. With the use of LED lights, the price of this innovation has come down and become affordable for all. There is nothing more helpful to a guest than a well-illuminated mirror in a bathroom. They can do their business, clean up, and pick the lint off their dress or shirt if they care to.

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