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Luxury Toilet Hire Giving You The Experience You Deserve

Our luxury toilet hire service is available for all types of events. Giving you a little bit more than just a portable loo. These luxury toilets come with internal spotlights and heaters, porcelain hand wash sinks with soap dispenser, Dyson hand dryers & mirrors, etc. We want to be able to deliver a service that makes you feel comfortable and gives you the opportunity for more. You can put on your make-up, wash your hands and dry them off properly. It comes down to the level of hygiene. All of our toilets off you the chance to keep you gets in tip top condition when it comes to hygiene.

Whilst we want to offer you a high quality service, we also want to answer some of your frequently asked questions. As we have said before, we though that it would be a good starting point for our blog to give you some answers.

Luxury Toilet Hire Answering Your Questions

Water supply?

Depending on the type of unit you choose you will likely need a water supply. Some units that are hired for a one day period can last for that day but when it comes to longer events you will need a water supply.


Most of our units require a 16 AMP power supply. This can easily be provided by mains or by a generator. However, it does all depend on the unit that you choose.

Where should I place a luxury unit?

The luxury units should by places on dry, flat land. This helps us when it comes to moving the units and positioning them to meet you and your events requirements. It also prevents your guests from walking through mud in order to use the bathroom.

How to Book?

You can call us today or make an enquire via our website.

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