Make Your Winters Warm by a Geyser


During the bone chilling winters except a blower there is only a water geyser which gives warmth to us and gives ease to our daily chores. Without a geyser, the works could be very tough and almost impossible. Like other assets that are important to your house this is also one among them that consumes a lot of power.

The geysers are of two types: Gas geysers & Electric Geysers.  As the name says that electric geyser consumes power to warm up the water and thus, is driven by electricity. A Gas geyser on the other hand makes use of LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) to heat the water. These geyser types water have no limit to heat the water. Another noticeable feature is that Gas geysers are less power efficient than electric geysers and also they have very good speedy recovery rate.

Cost to buy a geyser

Like other electronic consumer durables, a geyser has also segregated itself in so many types. According to experts, 80% of the household bills are of geyser alone. This is the reason during winters the electricity bills are comparatively high. Every geyser has different efficiency & different price also. For the right geyser price, you should contact various vendors for price quote and functionality they are going to offer. By doing this, you can easily judge which geyser is good for you and which price is suitable as per your needs. So it is good to know and compare various Geysers’ price and then think of buying one.

Features that a Geyser should have

 When the market is filled with a variety of geysers in countless brands, few factors are there that decide which water geysers are good for your house.

  • The first thing that you should look into every appliance that you are going to buy is its power efficiency. No matter how vigilantly you buy a low price geyser, if it consumes high power everyday then you are not saving money. Rather it is a money waste.
  • These days the tank-less heaters are coming in the market which are said to be more durable. These geysers last longer than the conventional heaters. So for durability these heaters can be bought.
  • The geyser should be as per the requirement of yours. Suppose if your family peak hour requirement is 5 liters then you cannot be happy in less than it. So the capacity should be as much you need it.
  • Select the heater with highest energy factor. The water heating process should be fast otherwise it will be way too irritating for you to use it.
  • Focus on the type of the The market has so many types like electric geyser and Gas geyser. So you decide before buying the appliance that which fuel is easily available at your place.
  • When it comes to the budget, here it does not only come with the price. You need to think in a long term way. The price may be affordable but if it is consuming a lot of fuel and laying stress to your pocket, it won’t be called cost efficient.

Before buying any appliance that you are going to use for a long period of time, it is important to go through few points to avoid adjustments later on.

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