Meet theSanity Saver: Countertop Ovens


As the holidays have already set its foot this year, you are already snipping the recipes and elaborately planning the menus for your guests. As you come closer, you will start to plot your cooking timeline, and also encounter a common stumper: how to bake multiple things at the same time if you have a single oven and that is going to be occupied with the turkey.

Countertop ovens to the rescue:

Here’s the solution: You have to make an investment (that will not hurt the pocket) for a countertop oven. To help make users a wise decision while purchasing, the team at Volsen has recently put more than 15models that also includes two combos of microwave convection, through the paces. The main criteria while choosing which the samples to examine are is the capability of accommodating one whole chicken.

What makes the countertop oven a favorite?

The countertop oven for grilling, broiling, baking and toasting from Volsen comes packed with a grill rack that helps to roast poultry, meat and vegetables, an easy to clean crumb tray that helps to catch the drippings. So, you can well understand that the Volsen Essentials Countertop Oven & Grill is about performance in the compact size. It packs 1,200W power and can handle temperatures up to about 450°F. To your relief, this oven is quite exceptionally lightweight andits discreet graphite steel finish ages beautifully.

How the oven works:

The oven features several cooking modes with a flexible convection function. That indicates that now you may bake those perfect tender and moist chickens on a lower heat setting, and then can switch to the upper heat just for a couple of minutes for a mouthwatering caramelized sauce and meat that is slightly crispy on the outer edges.This lower heat setting is absolutely ideal for savories, slow bakes and muffins. Switch on the convection to keep the heat circulating throughout the oven for the food that is cooked thoroughly and evenly.

More about the special features:

The oven is undoubtedly a compact one and sits comfortably on kitchen countertops. Its features make it an item worth buying. To be precise, thefog free glass door and interior light letsthe userkeep a track on the cooking status with just a glance, and easy wipe interiors make it easy to clean when you are done for that day.

Other features of Volsen Essentials Countertop Oven & Grill are:

  • Electric, grill and convection cooking modes
  • Easy to use knobs, 60 minutes timer with a bell
  • A graphite body accented with steel
  • You get to toast, roast, bake, broil, your favorite food
  • Convection mode results in faster and even output
  • Comes with metal baking trays with tray handles for safe and easy removal
  • Super convenient crumb trays make cleaning almost instant
  • Interior lights help to see the food as it is being cooked
  • Comes with tempered glass doors, stronger than the ordinary glass
  • It is coated with a cleaning agent, that helps to reduce cleaning effort and time
  • 120V, 1200W, 60 Hz power
  • 180 – 450°F.
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