New Larger Designed Fans Incorporate Industrial Look in Residential Interiors


Industrial look in residential interiors means retaining the original feel of the interior in close to the raw state. Using of elements that impart unfinished looks is one of the ways to bring in the industry inspired look to the residential interiors. Some designers keep the ceiling as such or make use of rods to restore a barn or warehouse look. Others retain the rustic look of furniture and complement it with the bricked walls to create a look that is similar to an abandoned industrial space that is restored for living.

The look becomes complete when the accessories and appliances are also no less than decent reminders of the industrial ingenuity that interior experts strive to achieve with their efforts.

Here are some styles of new larger size, designer fans that help bring industrial look in the residential interiors.

  • Wind-mill look

Fans with large and thin blades are designed on a wind-mill pattern. The blades are also made in wrought iron look to strengthen the feel. Thus, fans designed in industrial equipment look can surely add to the industrial feel of the residential interiors. Some designers make the look more real by modifying the shape of the blades in twisted or rod style.

  • Vintage look

Broad blade-shaped fans made in vintage look are another interesting style that helps retain the industrial look in the premise. Mason jar style attachments on the modern ceiling fans are nice cheat for making the look of the room fancy and industrial at the same time.

  • Stylish lantern attachment on fans

Large size fans look more beautiful with caged lanterns whose covers can be experimented with in a variety of styles. Stylish fans designed using lanterns attached on hub are given more industrial feel with the help of wires and other modified designs. Such fans are easily available online at where contemporary, modern, rustic as well as designer ceiling fans with industrial looks are available.

  • Farmhouse ceiling fans

 Quite popular in this category, the farmhouse ceiling fans are in great demand because of the industrial rawness these bring to the interiors. Oval shaped blades and thin plate like blades made rustic add  a very sturdy appeal to the fans and make them ideal additions to a place that demands industrial look décor pieces in it. Such ceiling fans are available in various finishes to fit the room of every type.

  • Fans with rustic chandeliers

Some large size fans are made more eye-savory with the help of stylish, rustic chandeliers. These illuminating additions need not be intricately designed always. On the contrary, these can be designed using sturdy elements like bulbs with stylish holders, etc. to achieve the rustic, countryside look in the home.

Thus, large, designer fans do bring industrial look provided the elements used have some mechanical look and rustic appeal. Depending upon the interiors and the type of property, one can select these fans and make the interiors have the edge of a barn look or an old industrial warehouse feel.


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