Packing and Moving Valuable Antiques


Before you move house, you need to speak to your removal company about moving your valuable antiques. Other items that need special handling include family heirlooms or porcelain. Removalists use such materials as double- or triple-walled cartons, fine tissue, and stretch and cushioning wraps to ensure that antiques do not sustain damage.

Valuable Belongings Need to Be Handled Expertly and Carefully

However, that being said, the packing of fragile items or antiques also needs a special touch. That is why the packing must be handled expertly. Only people well-versed with moving can ensure that the items are packed professionally. For example, some antique objects may display an unusual shape whilst other items may need protection from chipping, smears, or scratches.

Use Custom-Built Shipping Crates

Antiques such as paintings, crystal, or porcelain should be packed in shipping crates made of wood and filled with such materials as poly chips. Bubble wrap may also be used in some cases. If you have antique furniture to remove, then custom-built shipping crates are strongly advised for use. By taking this approach, you can firmly pack your furnishings so they are optimally safeguarded during transport.

Securing Your Items during a Removal

In order to ensure additional safety, professionals in house removals in Bury St. Edmunds secure any parts that may be loose as well as drawers and doors. They also remove glass panels or other removable and fragile parts and pack them separately using a stretch wrap and/or padding.

When each piece is packed, the items are labelled with the details about the items on the outside of the boxes. So, if you are planning to move house and have some valuables that need to be removed, it is helpful to schedule packing and have removalists take care of the task.

Why You Should Leave Your Packing to Professionals

If you pack a breakable item yourself, you cannot recoup the replacement cost if you break it. However, when you use a reputable removal company that is bonded and licenced, any breakage can be covered during the packing process. Whilst you certainly hope that an item will not break, you still need to make sure that you can have it replaced if anything should happen. When you use professional removalists who are bonded and licenced, your valuables are naturally covered.

Specialist Moving

With that being said, you still need to work with a removal company that is experienced in removing antiques. In fact, this type of removal should be included in their service offerings. Normally, the removal of antiques is listed under a category such as “specialist moving” services. These services often include the removal of pianos.

Specialist moving services also cover car transport and furniture lift. For example, if you live in a building where access is limited, then companies also supply lifting equipment so furnishings can be removed efficiently and securely. So, do not leave anything to chance, especially if you are moving. Make sure you work with a moving company that offers a variety of services whether they cover regular moving activities or involve specialty-type applications.


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