Packing and preparing for small furniture removals


The moving day may be much easier if you start preparing everything in advance, even when it comes to only some small furnishings and a couple other boxes with small items. The small pieces of furniture have their own requirements for ensuring a safe and quick relocation. For example, check out the following tips on how to pack and prepare the small furnishings for a relocation.

Protect well your belongings, even if they are only a dozen small boxes with small objects. The furnishings are never small, but there is a huge different between handling a giant four-wing wardrobe and four small wooden chairs. Prepare at least a couple gliding blankets to move the big boxes with items. The blankets are very useful when loading the moving van and when arranging the boxes in it. It is easier to glide the heavy boxes, instead of lifting them and maneuvering in the tiny space of the van. The gliding blankets protect the box from scratches and hits, as well as floor of the van from the same issues. Another easy tip is to prepare handling straps. They let you to handle larger boxes by yourself, even when it comes to a box with three, four or more disassembled furnishings. The handling straps let you to use all the muscle power and thus make everything easier. There are even handling straps that can be used by two men for handling a huge and extremely heavy box on the both sides. The handles of the box are not recommended in this case, so a better opt is to use straps and to rent a van with a hydraulic ramp or with a pulley system inside.

The right choice of the removal boxes is a very essential step too. The small objects for furniture removals are not that heavy, than the biggest furnishings and they are yet heavier when compared with most of the other items like kid`s toys, decorative accessories, electronic devices and others. The greatest advantage of the small furnishings is that they can easily fit in a larger variety of boxes. That`s why another great tip is to get yourself plenty of boxes with different sizes, shapes, opening ways, handle locations, etc. There are even transparent plastic boxes that let you to see what`s inside. The heavy-duty boxes are recommended when moving house with all the small furnishings in it. In this case, you will probably stuck two or three small furnishings in one box in order to reduce the number of the boxes. So, make sure to use only heavy-duty boxes if you plan to make them heavier.

The protection of the furnishings themselves inside the boxes is another important highlight in this list. When preparing them for the move, fill the empty or the void spaces with insulation materials like old newspapers, old clothes, styrofoam, blankets and others. In the meantime, you can use the empty shelves and racks of a small cupboard, for example, as an extra free space for the transportation of some other light items like pillows or shoes. One you will save valuable space for boxes only for these light items and two – you will ensure the protection of the small furnishings. Other important ways to ensure the safety of the delicate wooden furnishings is to wrap them entirely in bubble wraps. Use edge protectors for paintings and other wooden objects. Secure all the hinges and doors from unwanted opening via tape. Disassemble all the small furnishings if possible and label each box, according to the number of the items in your checklist.

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