Plumbers: Keeping the Water Flowing


Armed with the tools of their trade such as PVC pipe and fittings, primer and glue, plungers and snakes (Oh My!), plumbers are very important in keeping the water flowing both in and out of a building. They can even install a water flow meter to make sure the right amount of water is flowing in and out and detect leaks as soon as possible. From general plumbing to new construction, plumbers are experts in taking care of water needs.

General Plumbing and Emergency Calls

Day-to-day plumbing needs such as a leaky faucet or clogged drain can easily be handled by a local plumber. Things get a bit more complicated when pipes are frozen or busted and there is no water flowing into a building. These issues take more time to fix and could delay activity for the day. Water flowing into a building is not the only problem that plumbers handle, though. Wastewater must also flow out properly. Clogged drains and toilets can be very messy. All of these things can be considered general plumbing or emergency call outs depending on when they happen.

Plumbers and New Construction

Plumbers in Dereham don’t just handle general or emergency plumbing needs. They are also a very important team member in new construction or renovation projects. Bathroom and kitchen installations are just another aspect of what a plumber does. Some plumbers do even more such as tiling a bathroom or kitchen.

Indoor plumbing is a must in this day and age. So whatever the water issue or need is, from a busted pipe to adding a bathroom, call a reputable local plumber to get the job done right. Day or night, they can get it fixed. Let’s recap all the things a plumber can do:

  • Fix burst, leaking or frozen pipes
  • Clear blocked toilets and drains
  • Repair or replace bathroom showers, fixtures and fittings
  • Complete bathroom and kitchen installation
  • Repair or replace tiling in a bathroom or kitchen
  • General plumbing needs and upkeep
  • 24/7 emergency call outs

Do a bit of research before calling a plumber to make sure that the company offers the services needed. Some may even offer a free consultation.

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