Plumbing Problems Can Be Detected by Thermal Imaging


Today, plumbers can diagnostically detect broken or blocked pipes by a process known as thermal imaging. Therefore, it does not matter if a pipe is inside a wall or placed beneath the floor; any specific problems can be detected thermally.

Check Your Plumbing or Heating

If you find a plumber that offers this service, contact him right away. You can avert a plumbing catastrophe by taking advantage of this innovative technology. Not only does the equipment work for plumbing issues, it can also be used to check for flaws in the heating system too.

Find Those Hidden Clogs or Leaks

Today, thermal imaging is used to identify problems with radiator blockages, damaged pipework, underfloor heating, or water damage. For example, thermal imaging specialists, such as Precision plumbing contractors, can spot areas that have an increased risk of dampness. Leaks and clogs can also be detected in pipes that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Advantages of Thermal Imaging

The primary advantages of using thermal imaging for both commercial and domestic plumbing assignments includes the following:

  • The technology is efficient. The use of thermal imaging displays any abnormalities in temperature distribution with precision equipment. This makes it simple to find clogs or leaks in pipes with the utmost efficiency.
  • This type of technology is non-invasive. You do not have to tear up a floor or cut through a wall to locate a plumbing problem with imaging.
  • The use of thermal imaging saves time. Because the technology finds leaks in a matter of seconds, it saves plumbers both energy and time. The customer is rewarded by paying lower costs for labour. Thermal imaging is also less disruptive.

A Better Way to Do Business

As you can see, when you have access to this type of service, you will feel better about any plumbing inspection or repair. Using today’s technologies allows plumbing contractors and heating engineers to meet a customer’s service needs with more proficiency and speed.

Increased Accuracy

When a heating specialist or plumbing contractor uses thermal imaging, he gets to view a possible plumbing or heating issue in a whole new way. Temperature patterns allow the professional to find potential and concealed moisture issues and to capture accurate readings at the same time. The technology also permits professionals in the field to see hidden patterns of heat – patterns that can point out plumbing clogs, structural defects, or leaks.

Avoid Plumbing Emergencies

If you need to have a plumbing or heating inspection done, you cannot bypass the advantages of using a contractor that offers thermal imaging. This form of detection is a cost-efficient way to take care of any repairs before they turn into major emergencies.

When contacting a plumber or heating engineer, ask the provider if it uses thermal imaging. If it does, schedule a plumbing and/or heating inspection right away.

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