Plumbing Problems You Can Try to Fix Yourself


Having to call a plumber out is probably high on your list of things you would rather not do. And sometimes it’s unavoidable. Especially a burst a pipe or leaking tap, can’t be left overnight or the stoptap not being located!  But there are basic plumbing problems that you can fix – or at least try to – before picking up the phone. Many websites and books are available that provide basic diagrams or illustrations of the most important sink, bath and toilet parts, including step-by-step video instructions for those that prefer those medium.

Leaking taps are one of the most common reasons to call a plumber; they are annoying and of course can be costly. Most leaks are fixed by a worn-out washer and can be fixed fairly easily by turning off the water and removing the washer from the spindle or shaft and replacing the washer. Use waterproof tape around the washer for extra protection, if necessary.

Many problems are caused by simply having a blocked drain or sink. There are plenty of products available on the market that are designed to be poured down the sink; most are effective in removing any blockage which is often in the curved part of the pipe. If a blockage still persists, try using a rubber plunger, or a ‘snake’, a long curving piece of wire designed to reach into the pipes.

A broken or cracked pipe may seem like a big headache, but it is surprisingly easy to fix, especially if the pipe is easy to access. Firstly, turn off the flow of water and remove the section of pipe, using a hacksaw or cutting knife. Use sandpaper to smooth the edges of the cut. Your local hardware store will have a length of matching pipe which can then be firmly inserted into the gap, using pipe cement.

Make sure you have some of the above tools and supplies in your home – most of us tend to go and buy them whenever we need them – as well as familiarizing yourself with the locations of water cut-off switches, etc.

For more plumbing advice check out Trustatrader, with lots of reputable, reliable plumbers on hand to answer your questions whether you are in Crawley or Coventry. Plumbing services don’t need to be expensive, just make sure you don’t hire a cowboy and source the best plumber from reviews and word of mouth.

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