Practical Ways to Protect Food and Drinks on a Cart


Carts with heavy duty casters can help workers transport food and beverages to hotel rooms, dining tables, and other locations. However, when food and drinks aren’t handled properly on carts, accidents can happen, and the process of cleaning up the mess can delay service and sales. If you want to use carts to transfer items to customers or guests effectively and safely, these strategies can be very helpful.

Never Fill Glasses to the Rim

When someone pushes a cart around a restaurant or down hallways in a hotel, the casters on the cart provide great control. However, as a cart stops, monument happens; this quick stopping motion can easily spill beverages out of glasses that are filled to the rim. By filling glasses partially to the top of every rim, liquids will less likely spill over when workers maneuver carts to tables and rooms.

If certain guests or customers specifically request beverages that are filled to the maximum capacity in various glasses, you could prevent spills by sealing the rims with plastic wrap. Many brands manufacturer plastic sheets that adhere to glass and cups when pressure is applied to the sticking coating.

Don’t Stack Plates High

Although casters help carts glide around obstacles, they can’t keep everything on a cart balanced. As a result, people who collect plates after breakfast, lunch, and dinner shouldn’t stack many dishes high on a rolling cart. Typically, if a stack of dishes sways when a cart rolls around a corner or stops, the pile is too high.

These simple strategies can make the process of protecting valuable dinnerware easier. When workers aren’t using carts in a hotel or restaurant, they should always lock the wheels so that items won’t roll away.

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