Preventive Plumbing Maintenance Plans: Do They Have Real Implications For Your Business?


Do you feel like your business is washing finances down the drain, literally? Then, you should do something about your plumbing system. It’s advisable to prevent the problem from occurring, but if you can’t, at least strive to prevent it from becoming expansive. You may find it necessary to consider a preventive plumbing maintenance strategy. A sound preventive plumbing maintenance plan has financial, legislative, and safety implications for your business. But before we look at the implications, let’s understand what it is all about.

What’s Preventive Plumbing Maintenance Plan?

Preventive plumbing maintenance refers to a plan that you implement to regularly inspect the condition and performance of your plumbing system. The plan is ideally meant to fix plumbing issues when they are at their initial stages. In general, preventive plumbing maintenance is done:

  • To identify problems in your plumbing system before they get bigger and costly to repair.
  • To detect and eliminate safety threats in your business that is related to your plumbing system.
  • To ensure that your business meets the necessary plumbing legislation requirements.

Financial Implications

Though you may have to incur financial costs to pay the plumbing maintenance professional, you can save so much in the long run. For example, it can cost you roughly $200 to repair an extensively clogged drain and a similar amount to repair a toilet. If you observe a preventive plumbing maintenance plan, you’ll spend only a fraction of the money to prevent such issues from occurring. The preventive plumbing maintenance expert that you hire will do the following to save you money:

  • Conduct an audit on water consumption to help you lower water usage costs.
  • Suggest water-efficient and energy-efficient fixtures that can save you money.
  • Check the condition of plumbing equipment so as to improve their shelf-life
  • Check the guttering and roofing to save you money.

Legislative Implications

Every industry has its own legislative requirements that affect the plumbing system. The requirements apply to things like:

  • Proper liquid waste disposal
  • Promotion of air quality
  • Prevention of backflow

With preventive plumbing maintenance, you can easily confirm if your business is law-compliant or not. If there are mandatory tests that need to be done periodically, the preventive plumbing maintenance expert that you consult will advise you accordingly.

Safety Implications

Everyone’s health in the business establishment is priceless. So, you have to ensure that preventive safety practices are in place. One way to do this seamlessly is to observe a preventive plumbing maintenance plan. The plan will maximize workplace safety in the following ways:

  • Checking the heating and cooling systems to ensure they are not a health risk.
  • Facilitating air quality in the business by ensuring the environment is clean for everyone.
  • Detecting problems in your guttering or roofing system which may be a health concern.

Clearly, preventive plumbing maintenance is important in addressing plumbing issues that have the potential of costing you dearly in future. The plan will ensure that you don’t suffer any expensive repairs or safety concerns and that you comply with the necessary plumbing legislation.

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