Professional Removal of Old Flooring: A Wise Choice


Ask anyone who has installed new flooring as part of remodelling if they believe it was worth the effort, and they invariably will say “Yes, however…” At this point, they will tell you that if it wasn’t for all the effort it took to remove the old flooring the project wouldn’t have been too bad. Getting the old floor covering cleared away so that you can make the changes you envision is certainly the toughest part of the work.

What you may want to do, before you start, is contact one of the leading providers in this specialty sector to help you with floor-covering removal, grinding, and preparation. Experts like TileStrip use the latest technology and techniques so that the tile removal is stress free for you. In addition, they make every effort to get the job done with as little dust as is physically possible.

Grinding and Preparation

The expertise gained from several years of work in this field extends to removal of floor coverings, grinding of glue and paint, polishing concrete surfaces, lacquering, concrete cutting, and more. They also offer non-structural demolition where needed. If you have ceramic tile, slate, marble, cork, parquetry, vinyl, timber, carpet, or pool tiles, you can get professional assistance to help you get a surface ready for the new installation.

This service is especially important to builders (both residential and commercial), property developers, architects, and demolition specialists. For these professionals, getting the surfaces ready for new flooring can be a time-consuming and expensive part of the overall contract. Having experienced tile removal workers handle this one important step can be a real time and money saver.

After a few other preliminary actions, demolition is one of the early steps in the renovation of a property. This is why it is important for companies that specialise in tile removal in Perth, for example, to begin on time and complete their work quickly and efficiently so the renovation can move forward as planned.

Second Try

Occasionally, these top suppliers of specialty removal service are the second choice, only because a homeowner has already started trying to remove the old flooring on his or her own. Many property owners believe that the job should be relatively simple, only to find out that they have taken on a task that is too strenuous and time-consuming for them and volunteer helpers.

Using the best tile-stripping equipment available, companies such as TileStrip take on floor-covering removal, glue removal, and paint removal on larger industrial and commercial projects. They get the floors to the finished point in a comparatively short time. Many residential jobs can be completed in one day, which is quite important to both the renovation contractor and the homeowner.

One of the best ways to decide if the specialist you are considering is the right one for you is to find a few past and current customers, both individuals and contractors, who can tell you about their experience. Get a professional to help with this removal step and save a lot of time and money.

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