Protect Your Furniture with Fabric Protection


If you purchase a high-quality piece of furniture, fabric protection is something you should think about. While some might feel that furniture fabric protection is unnecessary, the fact is, after investing thousands on your furniture you can spend a bit extra to make sure that a spilled cup of coffee do not ruin your upholstery. A small investment in protection could save you a bundle in replacement down the road. Fabric protection treatments do much more than just protect against stains and repel liquids. Many people think about getting fabric protection on their lighter-coloured furnishings but it is equally beneficial for dark coloured fabrics.

Furniture Fabric Protection Products

Most modern upholstery is found in liquid form. In many cases, that liquid is conveniently packaged in a spray bottle. Though plenty of upholstery protection products are available for do-it-yourself application, there are several advantages of hiring a pro to seal your furniture, soft flooring, and window dressing fabrics.

Professional Upholstery Protection Application

As with any other project around the house, the choice between doing a job yourself and hiring a pro to apply upholstery protection is based on two main factors: affordability and the quality of results. Since furniture fabric protection products are so easy to use, many people assume that the difference in DIY and professional results is minor. The experienced work of a professional can yield far more effective results than most homeowners are likely to get when it comes to upholstery protection.

The cost of hiring a professional to perform furniture fabric protection is obviously going to be higher than the cost of doing it yourself, but the cost of replacing a piece of furniture due to inadequate or improper application is definitely going to cost you much more.


Unlike those old plastic cushion covers, the nature of modern upholstery protection products is such that a few follow-up treatments may be necessary.  Hiring a professional upholstery protection specialist usually goes something like this:

  • First, a representative analyses your fabrics and your household use patterns, recommends the appropriate products, and presents a customized, written proposal.
  • Second, certified technicians clean surfaces as needed and apply the appropriate protective treatments at a time that is convenient for you.
  • Finally, they provide you with special cleaning and maintenance products picked especially for your fabrics and give you detailed instructions on how and when to use them so you can solve minor problems quickly and easily.
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