Protection and Appearance in One Affordable Blacking Process


Tools and equipment, valued for their contribution to a professional’s income, will last a lifetime if properly cared for. About the only thing that causes them to stop working as they should is the moisture and wear that happen over time.

Bare metal must be coated or covered to give it the ability to stand up to the elements. This is what the metal blacking process has to offer as a finishing operation that changes the chemical composition of some metal surfaces. In fact, this is the major reason for using metal blacking in a manufacturing project.

The result of that chemical change is corrosion resistance. The item is also made stronger, adding to its ability to stand up to the elements. From start to finish, the process includes degreasing and immersion in a surface conditioner, followed by the blacking solution. Dewatering oil is used as a final step to provide added corrosion protection.


This corrosion-resistance process is usually more affordable than plating or painting the metal, which are the other popular and effective finishing options. In addition, blacking is capable of getting into the nooks and crannies of the metal, ensuring that the entire surface area is treated and protected.

The technique used by the industry leader to complete this process is a safe and easy-to-use chemical immersion process at room temperature. The finish does not alter the dimensions of the component, making any manufacturer of precision-engineered components a potential customer. The process can have extensive use in the tooling industry and in manufacturing machinery.

When you’re considering cold blacking steel in your field of work, you’ll find these specialists offer the process for iron, steel, aluminium, and zinc. They offer a free sampling service with demonstrations available at your site or in the sample-processing demonstration room at their facility. The location is ideally situated to serve the Midlands and surrounding counties.

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You may want to visit the website to learn more about this special process and the services available from these professionals. You’ll also learn that this blacking process adds only one micron to the metal surface, making it an excellent choice for precision applications. The component remains effective in its intended application with uniform finish on machined surfaces, threads, and blind holes.

There is also the added benefit of cosmetic value due the blacking process. It’s certainly an affordable method of making a component more attractive, making it quite popular with clients who want pieces that will be in plain view. This affordable room-temperature method has become quite popular in the last 10 years with wide use throughout Europe. It’s significantly different from the hot-metal blackening process employing sodium hydroxide, sodium nitrate, or sodium nitrite as oxidising agents.

After you browse the site, you are invited to call and talk to a knowledgeable representative about your specific metal-blacking needs. They’ll be glad to discuss your projects with you and help you schedule a sampling presentation at their location or at yours. Make the wise choice today.

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