Providing Safe Drain Cleaning Services for Homes and Businesses


Having a blocked drained in your home or business can create a mess by causing water to overflow from sinks or worse, from your toilet. When this happens, you need to call to have your drains cleaned right away to prevent back-ups from reoccurring, because drains are not always easy to unclog on your own. In addition, storing and handling drain cleaning chemicals can be dangerous if you have young children or pets at home.

Causes of Blocked Drains

While some causes of blocked drains are easy for almost anyone to clean, there may be times that you cannot clear a blockage yourself. If there is hair clogging your bathroom sink or tub, you can usually remove the trap and clear it yourself. If your toilet is clogged, you may want to check for objects that have been inadvertently dropped into the toilet bowl and flushed. However, other blockages will require the expertise of a drain cleaning company to eliminate them.

For restaurants, grease can cause blockages if it gets into sinks or floor drains. While there are easy methods for eliminating grease clogs that are close to the surface in a drain, if the clog is further down into the pipe, the blockage can be hard to remove. However, there are methods that can eliminate deep blockages safely without endangering the environment or leaving behind traces of chemicals.

Drain Cleaning

High Pressured Water

Some companies that specialise in drainage cleaning use water jetting to get rid of blockages in drains that can cause water and sewage to back up in sinks or toilets. Water jetting involves using streams of high-pressure water to remove debris that can cause clogs in drains, pipes, and sewer lines. However, this process doesn’t require large amounts of water, so along with not using harming chemicals, this drain cleaning solution helps to conserve fresh water.

Along with protecting the environment, this process also protects the customer and the personnel performing the service. There are no chemical fumes to inhale and there is no risk of having skin exposed to chemicals since they are not needed to help clear blockages. In addition to clearing drains and pipes, water jetting will help to flush out the system and eliminate scale build-up that can narrow drains and cause sinks, toilets, and tubs to empty slowly.

Plumbing Maintenance

Having your toilets or sinks back up not only is an inconvenience, but it can possibly expose food to harmful bacteria that can make your customers ill. In addition, it can take time to get a company out to clear your drains and downtime can cause losses for your business. However, if you regularly schedule drain cleaning, it can prevent blockages and clogs from occurring.

Whether your drains are backing up in your home or at your business, you will need your drains cleared quickly in order to have use of your kitchen or bathrooms again. Water jetting will safely and quickly get drains cleared so you can get back to your day.

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