Quality, Safety, Cost: You Don’t Have to Choose


Almost every day, people find themselves in situations that require a special piece of equipment. In many instances, this equipment is the only way a person can access something out of reach.

In fact, the word ‘access’ is key to an entire industry that grew up with the aim of providing access to things that are generally at a higher elevation than the person who wants it.

Reaching Up

Some simple examples would be a step stool or traditional wood stool. There are multi-step stools that fold away for efficient storage. Companies produce ladders of all sizes and shapes, some intended for general use and others made for a specific use. But the catalogue of items available from an access specialist contains dozens of items.

If there is limited storage on your property but you need a ladder that will get you up just a few feet, you can purchase a telescoping ladder. Some models will lengthen to nearly four metres.

For a few years now, several companies have made multi-use ladders. This equipment may be used as a traditional stepladder, as a straight ladder, or as a temporary horizontal shelf. New models have a special top that may be used safely due to the built-in rails.

The Next Step

Of course, there is another level of access offered by most professional suppliers like http://www.toptower.co.uk/.

Scaffold towers are available to put the workspace 20 feet up, where the individual can work safely. The platform is generally four to six feet on a side, with chest-height safety rails the norm.

There are variations on these numbers, but this gives a fair idea of what can be obtained in both steel and aluminium towers. This last type of equipment is generally supplied by companies that have the experience and knowledge to supply contractors, carpenters and the most ambitious do-it-yourself fan.

The experts working for these companies know very well how the ladders and scaffolding are made, so they can offer it with confidence. Companies with a long, successful history in the field will also be able to assist you with the choice of equipment, so that it fits well with the type of work to be done.

This can be very important, if you can visit a showroom or lot to view the products and discuss them with a professional. It is even more important when you view the products online and have questions about the type of ladder or scaffold, for example.

As you consider the use of ladders, scaffolding and other access equipment, keep in mind that many companies can supply good quality items, at a competitive price. But the reliable choice for a partner may well be that well-versed pro who can also get your equipment to you the next day – and do it without sacrificing quality, safety or price. Customer service may separate your choice from all the rest.

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