Radiator Problems and Their Solutions


To keep your home cosy when the weather turns cold, you need for your radiators to work well. If there is something wrong with them, then some of the rooms may be too cool. Here are some common radiator problems and what can be done about them.

Noisy Radiators

There are many sounds that can come from your radiators and most of them are not cause for alarm. A ticking sound is heard when the metal is expanding or contracting as it gets warm or cools down. However, loud banging or gurgling can be heard if there is air trapped in the radiator.

Excess air trapped in the radiator can also cause the radiator to be cold on top and hot on the bottom. Bleeding it to remove the excess air will resolve these problems.

Leaking Water

If you notice the radiator leaking water on the floor, then you may have a leaking valve or corrosion within the radiator. The best thing to do is to turn off the valves on the radiator, clean up the water, and call experienced Eastbourne plumbers to find and repair the problem.

Radiator Not Hot

If the other radiators in your home seem to be working fine, then the one not getting hot could have frozen valves. If the valve doesn’t work properly, then water cannot circulate. The radiator could also have rust or sludge clogging it. Sludge or rust can also cause a radiator to be cold on the bottom, yet hot on top.

It’s as important to have preventative maintenance performed on the radiators as it is on the boiler. It will help catch problems before the cold weather strikes and you’re shivering on frigid winter evenings instead of enjoying a warm, comfortable house. Before the weather turns cool, schedule maintenance on your heating system.

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