Ready-Mixed Concrete Is an Environmentally-Friendly Product


Depending on the concrete project, volumetric mixing is used or the concrete is delivered to the site as ready-mixed concrete, otherwise referred to as RMC. Volumetric concrete is transported to a site with the materials (cement and stand) stored in designated bins. On-truck mixing is then utilised. This method may be used if the concrete cannot be placed quickly enough after it is batched at the plant.

Applying Ready-Mixed Concrete at a Job Site

By comparison, concrete that is delivered as ready-mixed is transported in rotating drums and has already been mixed, thus the name for the application. The concrete and mortar ready mixed in Barking is an application that is both fast and reliable. As long as the venue for the RMC is closely located to the mixing facility, this method for applying concrete is often preferred by customers.

Environmentally Sound

That is because the use of RMC lowers supervision and labour costs. In addition, production minimises the wastage that occurs from bulk handling. Using this method is virtually pollution-free too and, again, reduces the amount of time spent on concreting work.

Again, materials for an RMC work project are batched at a central plan location. Therefore, if the plant is a long distance from the project site, volumetric concrete may be used. If RMC is not applied in a certain length of time, it becomes unusable.

Understanding the Differences

In these instances, volumetrically-mixed products are preferred, if not necessary. Using a volumetric mixer at a job site enables the concreter to manufacture and deliver concrete in accordance to the amount required. By mixing the concrete on a truck, any time problems are eliminated that can cause pre-mixed concrete to becoming unstable. When you partner with a concrete firm that offers both RMC and volumetric services, then you can ensure the correct delivery and application of your concrete.


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