Reasons to Choose Folding Arm Awnings


Awnings have become very popular over the past few years. Previously, there wasn’t much variety available when it came to selecting window coverings. You only had an option of choosing from curtains, blinds, and shutters. All of these were internal window coverings, providing shade and protection from the inside. In the beginning, awnings were mainly used by commercial businesses and establishments. Even today, awnings are commonly used by businesses that receive a lot of foot traffic such as cafes or restaurants. They are external window coverings and they are placed outside of the shop.

Now there are plenty of different types of awnings available in the market today. If you want a versatile and nicely-styled set of awnings for your windows, you should definitely opt for folding arm awnings. Folding awnings are considerably better as compared to other common options available in the market and offer a plethora of benefits that you don’t get with conventional awnings. Here are just some of the many reasons why you should opt for folding awnings.


One of the major reasons why people prefer awnings over curtains is that there is so much variety available to choose from. These awnings are available in plenty of different shades and patterns. You can also choose between several fabrics. When selecting awnings for your windows, make sure that you choose ones that contrast with the exterior paint on the walls of your house. This will dramatically improve the aesthetic appeal of your place. If you don’t like the patterns and designs available, you can also ask the company to print out a custom design. All you have to do is send over a high-resolution image for the company to use.


Since these awnings are constantly exposed to the effects of the weather, it’s imperative that you choose a durable material. The frames of the awnings are made from aluminium or stainless steel, which is perfect for use in the outdoors. Both aluminium and stainless steel are resistant to corrosion and do not disintegrate when exposed to the rays of the sun. Furthermore, the fabric itself is made using the finest-quality materials available. It will easily last you for several years. With the passage of time, the fabric may become dirty and stained. You can use the clip-on buttons to remove the fabric and get it dry cleaned before putting it up again.

Light Control

The primary purpose of using awnings on the windows is to control the flow of light through the windows. If you choose folding awnings that have automatic sensors, you won’t even have to worry about using the folding arm to increase or decrease the amount of shade. The sensors will automatically detect the position of the sun and control the amount of shade. You can also do it manually if you want. However, perhaps the best reason for choosing folding awnings is that they are quite affordable and very easy to maintain.

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