Remodelling Your Roof


When it comes to home improvements, one of the most important parts of your home is often ignored. People often ignore the roofs of their houses. The roof is immensely important for several different reasons. During the summer, the sunlight pounding on your roof can change the temperature in your house by several degrees. Also, during the winter, the heat in your home can rise and escape through the roof. The roof is your first layer of protection against bad weather. Finally, the roof protects the foundation of your house from soil erosion. When you’re remodelling your house, definitely consider remodelling your roof as well.

Temperature Control

The roof can be used to help climate control your house in several ways. During the summer, heat comes in through the roof from sunlight that hits your roof all day long. So, you need insulation in your roof that will trap a lot of that heat. Furthermore, you need insulation that has metal backing so that it reduces moisture that builds up on the underside of the roof. The outside of your roof is important as well; different types of shingles and roofing can actually block heat better than others. You should work with a professional to figure out what type of roofing material is right for you. Also, you should consider skylights.

Paradoxically, a window in your roof can actually help you control temperatures very well, especially if you have an attic or high ceilings. If you have a double-glazed window in your roof, it will insulate very well. You can also choose a type that can be opened. If it can be opened, then you can use it to ventilate some of the hot air that’s circulating in your house. A rooftop ventilator is good for this purpose as well.

Erosion Protection

Your home is built on a concrete slab in the soil. That slab needs to stay level and intact. If the soil underneath and around the foundation begins to erode, your house can start to actually lean in one direction or the other. Furthermore, a leaning foundation can place uneven pressure on the house itself, which can lead to vertical cracks running through your house. Fortunately, the solution is very simple. You need to install gutters on your roof that will catch water and redirect it safely away from your foundation. Catching the water rolling off the roof is the easy part; the gutters need to keep debris away so that they can effectively catch water.

Make sure that you buy gutters with screens or some kind of other protection against leaves that can clog up gutters. The downspout will then direct the water to somewhere it won’t pose any danger. If you do these few things while remodelling your roof, you can greatly improve the health of your house.

There are many other benefits to a remodelled roof as well. A new roof can look great, protect from storm damage, and much more. You should look through roofing supplies available from quality retailers.

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