Repair of bathroom


Bathroom in every apartment is one of the most frequently visited buildings, moreover, there is carried out a sufficient amount of time. And any visitor, inquire to you, be sure to go down here, and it can do it a few times. Of course, any owner will seek to repair the room so that it was not only functional and comfortable, but that it was still nice to be.


It is said that a bath can be attributed to the premises where the internal conditions are the most favorable. High humidity, sudden temperature changes, water spray – all this imposes certain requirements on the materials that will be used during repair and furnish an apartment. After all these transformations must give not only beautiful, but also the long-term result.

Of course, if the planned overhaul of the apartments, the arrangement of the bathroom should be made mandatory, otherwise it will not be the old finish combined with the views of the rest of the premises and will spoil the overall impression of the apartment.

However, now the difficulties with the selection of materials for the repair and its implementation should not be, and different finishes can satisfy all tastes and implement any design ideas.

As a rule, most of these facilities are used ceramic tile, which is not afraid of moisture, chemical attack and temperature changes. It is also easy to keep clean and it is durable, and the choice of colors and shapes of the surfacing material will satisfy any request. A disadvantage of this embodiment finishes include relatively high costs and lengthy process of stacking, which includes careful preparation of the walls.

Sometimes finishing bath can be used plastic, which is relatively cheap, and is not afraid of moisture and water, easy to clean. However, the accumulation of moisture in the space between the plastic and the wall can cause an unpleasant smell. Therefore, it is important that the room was a good hood. And if, for example, you place an order with the installation of air conditioners, consult with experts in ventilation that is enough for the bathroom of the drawing that is there.

It is said that to finish these rooms are sometimes used, and several non-traditional areas of this type of material. For example, it can be drywall, and even wallpaper, as there are types of water-resistant material that it is possible to successfully apply for the finishing bath.

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