Repellent Flooring Keeps Your Garage or Facility Rodent-free


Because rodents, especially rats, can cause significant damage to machinery and products, it is important to transform a rodent-friendly area into a rat-free or mouse-free zone. If you want to avoid the use of poisons or unnecessary suffering then, you can still get rid of rodents by using a mat that keeps them away. By using this type of floor covering, you can keep rodents away from cars, industrial machinery, and commercial areas. This deterrent is simple to use, as you only need to place it in the required space and plug a cord into an outlet.

Why Rats Cause Damage

Using a repellent mat is one of the best ways to keep rodents at bay as rats, for example, are not naturally vicious. Therefore, the rodents do not damage property purposefully. Instead, the teeth of rats are continuously growing. Therefore, they need to wear down their teeth by chewing. If they do not wear down their teeth, they cannot eat.

Some Signs of a Rat Infestation

Unfortunately, chewing can cause a great deal of damage. Even if people use poisons and traps, the damage can be significant. One of the areas where a rat-repellent mat actually becomes a “welcome mat” is beneath a car. If you notice that your upholstery looks like it has been nibbled, then you probably have a rodent issue. Also, you can tell that a rat has been around your car if you see droppings. Even if you secure your car, a rat can still access it.

Small crumbs of food left in your car often provide the needed incentive for a rat to get inside your car. That is because rats have a very keen sense of smell. Therefore, any small particle of food will attract a rat’s attention. Not only that, but the wiring in a car is a way for a rat to wear down its ever-growing teeth.

Clean Out the Crumbs

However, if you use a rat-repellent mat, like the one featured by companies such as Hammer Technologies Ltd, you can create an immediate barrier around your car. This invisible barrier deters rats or mice from going any further. Plus, the mat is both safe and non-toxic. However, rats are smart, so they will eventually try to get to a food source in your car. So, when you place the mat, make sure to completely clean out your car of any lingering crumbs. Clean out the back seat and well as beneath it to ensure that every crumb is removed from your car.

Also, be sure to never park near tall grass or at a site where it is dark and rats could be hiding. Besides placing the mat, make sure that you fill any crevices or holes that a rat or mouse could enter through. By taking these measures, you will save yourself a lot on repairs for rodent-related damage.

When you understand why rats or mice cause damage, you can better eliminate a rodent infestation. By making use of today’s innovative technologies, you can ensure the safety of your family and pets as well. Find out more about how a repellent mat can serve your home or commercial rodent deterrent needs.

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