Review of 2020 Kubota Mini Excavator U Series Range


When you’re into market looking to rent or hire a mini excavator, there are a lot of brands out there and selecting a reputable name is quite overwhelming. Every company offers different series and capacities of mini-excavators and they claim to be the best in the market. But before the enthusiasm takes better of you or you get caught in the marketing words; let’s have a look at the Kubota mini excavator U series range.

Kubota Company has two famous series of excavators KX series and U Series. The U series is the most extensive lineup of mini excavators. Excavators in this series are well known for zero tail swing machines available in the today’s market. Its unmatched 360 degree maneuverability and size from 1.7 to 5.6 ton capacity make it ideal for wide range of jobs and on-site works.

Despite the compact size, the U-series excavators offers long-reach booms that let you access worksites and areas where a standard excavator can’t go. The zero-tail swing allows you to travel and turn easily in tight space areas. All the excavators in this series features powerful engine that delivers matchless digging force.

For instance, the excavator Kubota U27.4 comes with an engine of 20.8 HP that is best for maximum digging and lifting power. With its controlled distribution of hydraulic oil flow in both the actuator, it is well known for its stable and efficient digging and dozing performance.

Another very important aspect in this series is the ease of maintenance. The engine is organized in a way to be easily accessible along with the radiator and engine oil cooler. For instance the protected cylinder hoses are located inside the boom to minimize damage. A very handy feature is the travel lock system. This allows you to secure machine so it won’t move during transport or parking.

The operation of the excavator is quite comfortable. You get spacious flat foot space with large leg room and you won’t even realize that you’re sitting inside a mini excavator hire. Most models in this series come with digital panel that is positioned right in front of your eyes for better visibility and convenience. Its suspension is just outstanding that makes it comfortable to minimize fatigue of long hours work.

The U25-3S model of Kubota comes with 20.9 HP powerful engine and is ideal for work in congested spaces. With its 2320 KG breakout force, you get the most out of it for the toughest of the jobs. With two pattern selection system you can either operate on ISO pattern or you can shift it to SAE pattern whatever suits you. It has got the amazing 2-speed travel switch that make it convenient for the operator with enhanced control. All these models are designed to offer variety of attachments. The hydraulic auxiliary system offers bi-directional hydraulic control and this too is amazing. The same model has a permanent lubricated upper track roller that prevents the tracks from hitting the frame thereby reducing the noise and wear.

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