Rustic kitchens are a clear choice for all those people who love comfort.


Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the feeling of being transported to a charming village cottage during every meal?

In such spaces, balance is the key of the entire design. The best kitchen spaces include rustic touches, without excess. In the next few lines you will be able to find out what defines this style and you will learn more about how a rustic kitchen will look, so you can create it in your own home.

Light up your space

One of the characteristics that define these spaces is a bright, open, and airy feeling. For all those are fans of neutrality in interiors, white is an obvious choice for a dominant color, but warmer shades like yellow will also work very well. Next to that, bold colors can be used in the interior too, but in lesser amounts. Use light blues, oranges, greens, and reds in accented parts, to add more personality to your kitchen.

Rustic kitchens

The kitchen island

You can often hear that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and no design style shows that as much as a rustic one. For those who want to create a space that gives a sense of welcoming, that just calls for feasts and fun for the entire family, you have to take into account the option of adding a kitchen island. Before you make the final decision, think well whether your kitchen island should have more storage space, details like a rustic sink, or built in working surfaces. You may also want a multifunctional counter, so make sure you plan and think well before making any purchases.

Work with wood

When it comes to the furniture in your rustic kitchen, wood is an obvious choice. But, you shouldn’t use mass production cabinets and chairs because village kitchens most often have pieces of furniture with a little more character. There are several things you can do. Search for some local artists that create handmade things, or just go to some stores and get unfinished pieces, so you can add your personal touch and create your very own unique furniture for your kitchen. And you don’t have to limit yourself to just cabinets and chairs, it can be anything from blinds to special decorative details.

Add more

One of the details that separates rustic design from other types of design is that the approach to decorating is a bit more flexible, and often there’s more decoration than in modern kitchens. Feel free to increase your collection of different objects you like in order to create an eclectic design, and have in mind objects like chicken and rooster figurines, they will definitely add a very village rustic feeling to your kitchen. Use a lot of family photographs to truly put the finishing touches to this design in your kitchen.

These ideas will create a very comfortable space, for your entire family to enjoy in. With all the beautiful characteristics and elements, a unique and warm ambiance, to enjoy daily meals and socializing.

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