Sand and Gravel: Basic Necessities


What could be more basic than the paving materials and stone that people have placed in and around their homes and businesses? After all, this material is prized for its durability, allowing it to be used for walkways and driveways where the material is expected to stand up to daily use (not to mention the stress that is placed on these materials by the weather).

There may be some items that are even more ‘basic’ than the paving materials – the sand, gravel and other aggregate material that are a large part of the world everyone is familiar with. When people walk on concrete or drive on the highway, they seldom, if ever, think about what it is that makes transportation possible.

Beyond the Finished Product

One of the oldest formulas in the building business goes something like this: 1, 2, 3 – C, S, R. What this means is one portion of concrete, two portions of sand, and three portions of rock. While this is a bit simplistic, it will work in almost any quantity. More than that, however, is the idea that without sand and rock, it would be all but impossible to enjoy the efficient lifestyle we have become accustomed to.

If a project you are taking part in requires Kent sand, gravel & other aggregates, rest easy, as there is help nearby. A full-service company that has long experience with paving and paving supplies may also be able to assist you with the very basic items like sand and gravel. The key to getting just what you need lies in talking with an expert who can recommend the proper materials for your job.

It may be best to stop guessing, and stop depending on a friend who seems to know what you need. Call a specialist today.

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