Secondary Glazing as an Affordable Double Glazing Alternative

There are plenty of benefits to double glazing or even triple glazing your windows, especially in regions where the winter temperatures routinely drop below freezing. But window glazing is not always affordable, especially if you run a tight household budget. So, what do you do if your windows need an extra layer?

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The Advantages of Secondary Glazing

If your budget can only stretch a short distance, but you need some extra warmth this winter, it is possible to locate Kent glaziers that are also experts in installing what is called “secondary glazing.” Secondary glazing involves installing a second slim-line window that is framed by durable and long lasting materials, like aluminium, which is rust and corrosion proof.

This secondary window option is more affordable than having full double glazing installed, because it makes use of your existing windows. For more cost-effective home improvement tips and insights, consider visiting

If you’re new to double glazing entirely, then you’re in for a world of benefits, including:

  • Insulation: Secondary glazing can save you up to ten-percent on your heating bills each month. In a world where the price of electricity is going up each year, secondary double glazing represents an excellent and affordable solution for many people. In fact, double glazing can even save you money during the summertime, because it acts as an insulating layer to keep repel the outdoor heat.
  • Soundproofing: Both regular double glazed windows and secondary double glazed windows offer a good amount of soundproofing properties. This is ideal for people who work night shifts and need to sleep during the day, as the last thing they want is to be disturbed by loud traffic noises or overzealous neighbours.

If you are seeking some extra insulation through a window upgrade, why not consider secondary double glazing from an expert team? This process uses your existing windows and offers most of the same advantages of regular double glazing. If you have a strict budget, secondary double glazing provides a cost-effective, structurally sound solution for homeowners looking to enhance the functionality of their property.



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