Solid Fuels Provide a Cost-Efficient Method for Heating a Home


Solid fuel is often a cost-efficient method to heat a home and provide hot water, especially in remote or rural areas where mains services are not supplied. In recent times, interest has also grown in wood-burning as an environmentally-friendly method to heat a home.

Types of Solid Fuels

Therefore, solid fuels fall under two classifications: minerals and biomass. Mineral fuels include coal, natural smokeless fuel in the form of dry steam, and anthracite. They also include manufactured smokeless and non-smokeless fuel.

Biomass Fuels

The most common biomass fuel that is used is wood. Wood is supplied in varying forms including manufactured logs made of wax and wood, logs, chips, and pellets.

Whilst other mineral and biomass fuels do exist, you should not use these heating sources unless they can be used in a solid fuel appliance without producing excess pollutants. If you live in a smoke-controlled location, the fuel should be authorised for the area as well. Mineral fuels under this class include petroleum coke and biomass fuels such as agricultural or animal wastes.

Fuels Sold for Domestic Use

Swadlincote coal fuel distributors provide a number of fuels for homeowners that are approved for heating and hot water. Fuels that are sold for domestic delivery and use include logs, kindling, coal, prepacked fuel, taybrite, phurnacite, and anthracite.

Request a Quote

If you are interested in buying any of the aforementioned fuels, you need to first request a quote for fuel stock. Once you receive price information, you can have next-day delivery arranged. Make sure the company you use features fully-equipped lorries so the fuel can be sent to you in a quick amount of time. If you are placing a larger order, you can usually buy the fuel at a discounted or bulk rate.

So, if you want to keep warm this winter and do so efficiently, you need to place an order to request delivery service and review your fuel options today.

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