Some Easy Ways To Give Your Home A Perfect Makeover


Your Home is your lifeline; it is the place where your heart resides. Home Building is not a one-time affair; it is a continuous and recurring process. You keep building your house until you see perfection in it and sometimes it takes years to achieve that feat.

A homeowner will constantly keep thinking of innovative ways to decorate their house, get new furniture and artefacts to make it look beautiful, add a dash of colour or maybe just spruce up one corner which could be redecorated into a different theme altogether. Although there are many things you can do for your house to look flamboyant and give it a spice of your personality; but there are more often than never some budget constraints that didn’t allow us to go overboard and plan a complete makeover of our house.

In such situations, we could start with some basic tips to refurbish our house without denting our pockets too much. Let’s have a look at some easy tips on how can change the look of our house considerably:

  1. Install wall-mounted Shelves: In a typical Metropolitan environment, where the real estate rates are booming by the day, concise and small living spaces is what we have to make do with. Small houses always look cluttered with pieces of furniture, books, toys, showpieces etc. The best way to arrange these small cluttering items is to stack them in neatly designed wooden shelves attached to the wall. You could have a separate open shelf for the books to be stacked; a shelf dedicated for small showpieces or souvenirs and a corner shelf neatly accommodating all the crockery or crystal items of the house. This would definitely de-clutter your living room to a large extent.
  2. Wall of Fame/ Family Wall: A Wall dedicated to pictures of all family members, memories captured over the years gives a very warm and homely feeling and takes you back the memory lane in the fraction of a second. You could neatly arrange all photo frames and hang them close to each other giving the look of a family collage.
  3. Paint a wall of your choice: If painting the entire house seems to be an expensive proposition, just choose one wall of your house, which could be your favourite place and paint it as per your mood and personality. It could bring in a versatility to the entire ambience of the house.
  4. Plant some trees: Greenery around the house certainly brings in a lot of positive energy into the house and is often considered a very critical aspect of Home building. Even if you don’t have a large balcony area, you could look at small hanging flower pots which could be hung to the ceiling of your window towards the outside with drilled nails to hold the grip. The creepers and the small flowering plants give a fresh outlook to your house.
  5. Light up your Living room: Lights really bring in energy and the positive feeling amongst the home dwellers. The mood of the house is also affected a lot by the lighting in the house. A lighting equipment, if placed in an appropriate position, can bring in a lot of difference. For eg: if you place a small horizontal light overlooking a large mirror; the reflection of the light on the mirror is good enough to lighten up a whole room and also various rays will be reflected from it. So you can look at some small light fixtures to increase the vibrancy of your living room particularly.

Conclusion: Building up a home needs continuous care, maintenance and upgrading so that you maintain the desired living standards. But sometimes, going all over in the makeover plan seems a bit difficult, hence in those times, opting for such small permutations and combinations would certainly make a lot of difference.

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