The Benefits of Double Glazed Windows


Windows are some of the most vulnerable parts of your home. Your windows are subjected to constant heat in the form of sunlight coming through and they are also the least insulated parts of your wall, which is why they are called a thermal bridge. Furthermore, your windows are some of the most vulnerable areas of your house if there is a storm that carries debris on the wind. To reduce the chances of damage, you need double glazed windows.

Double Glazing

Double glazing is the process of using two panes of glass in each window. Double glazing in Leicester typically involves a partial vacuum between the panes. The partial vacuum serves a few purposes. For one, it reduces the amount of heat that can pass through your windows, effectively insulating them. Heat moves by transferring energy from one air molecule to the next, so if there is a partial vacuum, that is severely curtailed.

Storm Damage

In addition to making your windows more resistant to heat, two panes of glass make them less likely to be shattered by a storm. The partial vacuum between panes is great for strengthening the glass, plus it just provides double the protection. A piece of debris might break one pane of glass, but it is unlikely to break both panes of glass. If you are looking for secure windows, double glazed windows are a must.


Aluminium is one of the most trusted materials for double glazed windows. Heat and humidity can cause materials to shrink or contract as the weather changes. That can ruin the fast fit of the glass in the pane, which is why you see some double glazed windows with moisture between the panes. Aluminium does not swell and contract in this way.

Whether you choose uPVC, aluminium, or some other material, a double glazed window can be a great decision.


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