The Effects Of Damaged Windows On Your Energy Bills?


One of the most troubling aspects for a homeowner is an exponential increase in energy bills even when the overall consumption is minimal. One can jump to the conclusion that it could be the after-effect of a faulty electrical system or ageing appliances but that is not always the case!

In the opinion of experts, the windows in your home could be the primary reason why your abode is consuming so much energy for it is heating and cooling needs! Ageing or damaged windows can have negative effects on your energy bills. Here’s how:

  • Ageing Or Damaged Windows Bring Down The Insulation Factor Of Your Home By Many Folds – When the insulation factor of a home is deteriorating, the HVAC system of the same will work double-time to make up for the loss of heat or cool air, depending on the season at that time of the year. This leads to an increase in energy consumption that ultimately results in you paying more at the end of each month! The best step forward is to seek the assistance of companies offering emergency window repair London This is the only way you can keep your energy bills within manageable limits.
  • Damaged Windows Can Harm The Sensitive Electronics/Appliances In Your Home – Damaged windows are unable to keep excess humidity out of your home and this is highly damaging for the sensitive consumer electronics you have in your home. Electronics and moisture are arch enemies. Electrical appliances can stop functioning properly, especially when there is a lot of moisture in the ambient air of your home. Furthermore, the internal circuitry of your home appliances can also become a breeding ground for short circuits/arcing. This also leads to loss or rather wastage of energy, the effects of which will be reflecting on your energy bills!
  • Damaged Windows Are Unable To Keep The Sun’s Heat Out Of Your Home – Summertime is not always pleasant here in London and with global warming on the rise, it becomes a necessity to keep cool during the summers by using your HVAC unit. But often people forget the fact that damaged windows are unable to keep the cold air inside your home from escaping. On top of that, the outside radiant heat from the sun also easily finds its way inside your abode through the cracks and crevices of the damaged windows. The result is now obvious – your HVAC system is drawing more energy from the grid thereby making your home a potential financial liability.

It is evident by now that the windows in your home play a crucial factor behind the increase in energy bills. Be sure to get in touch with a renowned company that offers window repairs or replacement services for the best results. Furthermore, always ensure that you are doing your homework on the service provider before you hire the same.

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