The Importance of Gutters


Your home is built on a slab of concrete called the foundation. If you are in an area with unstable ground or if the home is very old, it likely has pilings that run perpendicular to the foundation. These pilings descend into the ground to keep your home level. The biggest danger to your foundation is water. Water will wash away the soil around and underneath the concrete slab until the home is no longer stable. Gutters are designed to prevent such an occurrence. When water rolls off of your roof, it needs to be trapped by the gutters and ushered a safe distance away from the foundation. Without gutters, the water would build up around the base of the house and erode the foundation.

Clean Gutters

For gutters to do their jobs properly, you need to make sure they are clean. Roofers in Heckmondwike can install gutters that are easier to clean. A traditional gutter has an open top that allows any debris and detritus to fall into it, which will eventually block up the gutter. Instead, you can have gutters installed that have coverings. The coverings need to be made carefully enough that they allow water through and block falling debris. Such coverings will make it much easier to clean away the debris from time to time.

Directing the Water

When you’re working with professionals, you’ll be able to design a guttering system that works for you. The primary goal is to usher the water away from your home’s foundation. However, you don’t have to stop there. Some people like to have channel drains installed so the water can run farther away from the house. Others have drains installed in the ground to transport the water to some kind of culvert. A rain barrel is another good choice, but you should make sure it’s legal in your municipality to collect rainwater.

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