The Lasting Benefits of Beautiful Splashbacks


When homeowners first consider renovating and improving their kitchens, they often look at the flooring, cabinetry, and countertops without remembering the importance of matching splashbacks. Not only will this installation in addition to any others make a kitchen appear completely different but the long lifespan of this installation will help you to quickly return your initial investment. There are more than a few great reasons to have your existing splashback replaced with something new and improved, especially if you truly want to get the most out of your kitchen renovation project.

Personal Touches

A beautiful new splashback is just as diverse in regards to the available options as your kitchen flooring, which means that you get to add a personal touch to your decision to make it unique. The walls in your kitchen are similar to open canvases in that you have nearly unlimited choices between materials, colours, styles, and even the number of different splashback types used at once. For example, you may see two different types of splashbacks that catch your attention and feel that they would go well together. There are ways to make that happen within certain limitations so that your kitchen is truly unique.

Wall Protection

High-quality splashbacks for kitchen in Birmingham will dramatically improve the durability and lifespan of your kitchen walls by providing a layer of protection against the elements and other goings-on in the kitchen. For example, tile splashback will keep the heat of your stove from damaging any paint on the walls over time without losing its beauty even after years of continuous kitchen use. If you should leave the walls bare, the foods and liquids that you use when cooking will eventually lead to staining and, in some cases, begin to eat away at the surface until mould and other issues start to develop.

No Stains

Splashbacks often span the entire wall of the kitchen between the cabinetry and the countertops, including behind the kitchen sinks. The right materials will not only help you to dramatically improve the appearance of the room but also minimise the development of stains over time due to simple use of the space. Porcelain, glass, and even metal tiles are available that are particularly resistant to staining and are more likely to continue looking beautiful after years of use than other material options.

Fewer Pests

Kitchens that do not take advantage of the many benefits offered by splashbacks tend to invite more pests into the building because the wall is not entirely sealed in some cases. A splashback will provide a strong, completely sealed surface through which pests such as mice and cockroaches will find difficulty travelling. No gaps in your drywall will exist because the drywall will not be left exposed to the elements within your kitchen for any length of time, making the investment in quality splashback an investment into the quality of your home, health, and safety at all times of the year. At the end of the day, the best type of home improvement is one that comes with many benefits associated with the installation.

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